Full name: Tsevenko Grigory Sergeevich

Date of birth: 09.01.1982

Place of birth: Luhansk region, Sverdlovsk, Engels Street, 26, sq. 6.

Address: Ukraine, Kiev, Zhukovsky str. 14; sq. 94;

Ukraine, Kiev, Krasnozvezdniy Ave. 152а;

Ukraine, Chernigov region, Bakhmach city, Druzhba str. 6; sq. 11;

INN: 2995900251


– from 09.12.2014. – Acting Deputy Prosecutor General of the Luhansk People’s Republic;

– c 24.02.2015. – He was appointed Deputy Prosecutor General of the Luhansk People’s Republic.

Phone numbers: +380955612603

+380958550202 +380955612603

+380958550202 +380963218439

+380963218439 +380721037300

+38721037300 +380721037300

Personal vehicle: SKODA OCTAVIA A5 BB0065SV

Collaborationist activities:

Grigory Tsevenko was born January 9, 1982 in Sverdlovsk.

Grigory is wanted by the Security Services of Ukraine for hiding from the court.

Tsevenko decided to betray Ukraine and everything connected with it. He cooperated with the occupiers, and they also gave him a place in the General Prosecutor’s Office.

He was one of those who took part in the referendums and tried to impose on the people that a change of power was necessary.

He supported the genocide of the Ukrainian people. And when he started to realize that he smelled fried, he got a dog ticket from the Russians and started running, tail between his legs.

We can’t wait until Grigory crosses the border into Ukraine as he immediately finds himself behind bars.