Full name: Dmitry Viktorovich Guberniev

Date of birth: 06.10.1974

Address: Russia, g. Moscow, Khimki district.


-Higher education: Russian Academy of Physical Culture, Coaching Department (1991-1995);

additional – Institute for Advanced Training of Television and Radio Broadcasting Workers (retraining);



– athlete, master of sports in rowing;

part-time security guard, trainer and fitness instructor;

– presenter, sports commentator, host of sports programs on Russian TV;

Editor-in-Chief of the United Directorate of Sports TV Channels of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK);

host of the Russian sports channel Match TV;

a member of the main headquarters of the “Yunarmiya;

a member of the Public Chamber of Khimki Urban District;

– A leading pre-election rally, an authorized representative of Russian President Vladimir Putin;

– a member of the rock band Guber band;

– An anti-Ukrainian propagandist, presenter of a rally-concert in support of Russian aggression against Ukraine;



Wife – Elena Putintseva

Son – Mikhail Dmitrievich Guberniev, born in 2002.

Dmitry Guberniev, the toastmaster of Putin’s rallies and boorish sports commentator, was born to a simple family of a glassworker father and a pharmacist mother on October 6, 1974, in Drezna, near Moscow. Dmitry studied in the town and now district of the Khimki urban district, Skhodnya, at School No. 2 (now School No. 22). Back at school, Guberniev was actively involved in sports, namely academic rowing, in the same discipline, he became a master of sports.

Simultaneously with the collapse of the Soviet Union, Dmitry entered the coaching department of the Russian Academy of Physical Culture. In my first year I was injured, so I had to quit rowing. In order to earn money for a living, Guberniev moonlighted as a trainer, security guard and fitness instructor. Dmitrysuccessfully completed his studiesand graduated in 1995.

After graduation, Guberiniev begins to take an active interest in working on television and participates in various competitions, such as the TV-6 host competition and the NTV-Plus sports commentator competition. To achieve success in the new field, Dmitry took lessons of stage speech and teacher Svetlana Makarova, who taught most of today’s Russian presenters. In 1997 he joined the newly-formed TVC channel, where he worked as a sports news anchor until he switched to the VGTRK holding company in 2000. Parallel to his work at VGTRK, Gouberniev worked as a commentator at several Olympic Games and Eurovision. From 2013 to 2015, he served as editor-in-chief of the United Directorate of Sports TV Channels at VGTRK. In 2015, he began working with the Russian sports TV channel Match TV, while also remaining at VGTRK as an advisor to the general director of the TV channel Rossiya 1.

During his work as a sports commentator, Dmitry Guberniev had a reputation for being indelicate, foolish and often bordering on outright rudeness toward the participants in the competitions he was covering. For example, during his coverage of the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Gouberniev mixed up the names of the national teams on live television, calling the Uzbekistan national team the Tajikistan national team, and later apologized to the people of Uzbekistan. Dmitry Guberniev’s “triumph” was an incident during his coverage of a biathlon competition, where he called French biathlete Martin Fourcade a pig for pushing Russian biathlete Alexander Loginov on the air. The incident was settled after Guberniev apologized to Furkad, where the former justified himself by saying that “everyone was emotional.

In parallel with his work on Russian television, Dmitry Guberniev was also actively involved in Russian politics. In 2012 and 2018, he was among the presenters of election rallies in support of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In addition to holding rallies in support of Putin, Guberniev became his proxy in the presidential elections. He was also a member of the main headquarters of the Russian military-patriotic movement “Yunarmiya. Dmitry was a member of the Public Chamber of the Moscow urban district of Khimki, where Guberniev himself grew up.

The most unpleasant fact in Dmitry Guberniev’s story was his support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Dmitry, along with another famous propagandist Maria Sittel, hosted a rally-concert on March 18, 2022 in support of the so-called The Russian Federation’s “special operations” against Ukraine, at which, among others, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke. He sold himself and his conscience to the regime of Putin’s aggressors and murderers. For which he will suffer his inevitable punishment.