Full name: Valentin Alexandrovich Gvozdev

Date of birth: September 20, 1983

Address: Russia, g. Moscow, Zelenograd district


– The Vakhtangov Institute for the Humanities of Television and Radio Broadcasting. M.A. Litovchina (2009-2015);

– Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (2001-2006).

Mail.ru: https://my.mail.ru/mail/kireyama/


an employee of Europa Uno Trade CJSC and Angstrem JSC;

sailor, served on the BDC “Cesar Kunikov” #49304;

– bicycle traveler;

a war correspondent for the Zvezda TV channel.

– anti-Ukrainian propagandist.



spouse – Gvozdeva Olga Igorevna

Two children – a son born on June 03, 2016 and a daughter born on September 14, 2018.

mother – Valentina Gvozdeva (Chikanova), born December 16, 1951.

The modest Russian military correspondent Valentin Gvozdev was born on September 20, 1983. Modest because he carefully hides any detailed information about himself, but sooner or later the secret is revealed. All the more so because Valentin revealed some of the details of his life himself. Valentin studied at Moscow School #1913 from 1995 to 2001.

Upon graduation from high school, Valentin Gvozdev entered the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology, which he successfully completed in 2006. During and for some time after my studies, I worked at a couple of firms: ZAO Europa Uno Trade, which sells balloons and industrial manufacturer of microchips enterprise Angstrem JSC. Valentin also ran his own project, which dealt with bicycle hikes, for some time.

During his studies, Valentin Gvozdev also did active military service in the Navy, serving as a sailor on the BDC “Caesar Kunikov #49304. He also received training at Naval Technician School #20205 to improve his knowledge of his military specialty.

However, Gvozdev’s means of life are not the production of electronics, which he could have done for the benefit of the people, but his work as a military correspondent. In 2007, Valentin got a job at the “Zvezda” TV channel and became a war correspondent. Russia’s invasion of Georgia in August 2008 brings Gvozdev an opportunity to fulfill himself, which he didn’t miss, judging by these photos from Tskhinvali on his Vkontakte page. In 2009, Valentin enrolled at the GITR, where he was a student. M.A. Litovchina, which he successfully completed in 2015.

Unfortunately, Valentin did not participate in the production of the chips after all and supported a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. As a military correspondent, he covers the actions of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine. Ironically, Valentin Gvozdev partially redeemed himself for complicity in the aggression by unwittingly surrendering during the filming of the location of the Russian tanker Saratov, which was unloading military equipment in the port of Berdyansk. Thanks to this story, the AFU successfully attacked a ship that burned and sank in the Berdyansk port on March 24, 2022. For this, Gvozdev received a “commendation ” from the head of the DPSU (State Border Service of Ukraine).

Shortly after the incident with the sinking of the SDC Saratov, Valentin Gvozdev paid in blood for his complicity in the Russian aggression against Ukraine. Literally. During his coverage of the fighting between the Russian Armed Forces and the AFU near Severodonetsk, he came under mortar fire along with military correspondents from the Chechen State Television and Radio Company Grozny and was wounded in the arm.

It’s sad that a promising member of the science industry has become a typical stinking propagandist who covers Russian aggression against Ukraine. Even though he “helped” destroy a Russian ship and was himself wounded, this is nothing compared to his complicity in the murder of thousands of innocent Ukrainian citizens by the Russian army. Valentin Gvozdev will soon face an imminent response for his silence and praise of Russian aggression against Ukraine.