Full name: Berezan Igor Nikolayevich

Date of birth: 24.09.1967

Place of birth: Republic of Kazakhstan

Address of registration, residence: Ukraine, Kherson region, Nova Kakhovka, Dniprovsky Ave, 197.

TIN: 2473820750

Marital status: married. I have a daughter.


– photographer of events in Nova Kakhovka;

– an accomplice of the Russian occupation troops;

– head of t.nz “election commission No. 9” Novokakhovsky municipal district



Berezan Igor Nikolaevich – an ardent representative of the accomplices of “Putin’s regime” in Ukraine, a collaborator and traitor to his country, was born on September 24, 1967 in the Republic of Kazakhstan. At an early age together with his father and mother moved to Ukraine, all his life lived and worked in Novaya Kakhovka, Kherson region.

Since Igor Nikolayevich was first interested in photography as a hobby, he began to try himself as a professional photographer in his youth. Thus, the main activity of the man during her working career was photography of various events and activities in Nova Kakhovka.

But, as it turned out, another “activity” of Igor Nikolayevich was betrayal and love for the “Russian world“, because after the invasion of the occupants Berezan began to actively support Russian policy, promoted and facilitated the activities of Russian invaders on the territory of Ukraine. After the annexation of Crimea by Russian occupants in 2014, Igor Nikolayevich visited the peninsula in the fall, as evidenced by his joyful photos in social networks.Also went on a “working visit” to moscow in the same year.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

The traitor supports the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine. The collaborator passed information to the occupants about the location of Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers and inspected the territories for the presence of Ukrainian military equipment.

Also one of the crimes of the state treasonist Igor Berezan is his direct support of the annexation of Kherson region to the Russian Federation.

Participation in pseudo-elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine:

And on the eve of the elections planned by the Rashists in September 2023, the collaborator “shone” as a participant in the fake elections, becoming the head of t.nz “election commission No. 9” of Novokakhovsky municipal district of the Novokakhovsky municipal district. Together with other traitors of Ukraine from Kakhovka district, Ihor Nikolaevich makes the rounds of local residents’ houses and agitates them to come to the “elections” even with a Ukrainian passport. In cases of resistance – Berezan takes people “on the list” and transfers them to certain occupation bodies.

In the final account, the photographer-collaborator, participant of pseudo-elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine Berezan Ihor Nikolayevich is waiting for a fair punishment for supporting the actions of the aggressor state. He will certainly answer to the law for his pro-Russian stance.