Full name: Brzezitsky Igor Vladimirovich

Date of birth: June 16, 1973

Marital status: married

Education: Kherson region, Kakhovka, school № 3

Higher education:

  • Odessa State Academy of Food Technologies named after V.I. Vernadsky. Lomonosov Moscow State University, specialty: food production equipment, qualification: mechanical engineer
  • Kherson National Technological University, specialty: business administration, qualification: master of business administration

Place of birth: Rivne region, v. Great Midsk.

Place of residence: Kherson region, Kakhovka city, 29 Pershotravnevaya str.

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: МР488728

Identification number: 2683011397

Driver’s license: WHT478760

Mobile numbers: +380501789310, +380662185434, +380553631936

Occupation: voluntarily defected to the side of the occupier, provided his plant for the maintenance and repair of the occupier’s equipment

The Political Way:

2010-2015 – deputy of the Kherson Regional Council from the Party of Regions

2011 – Chairman of the Kakhovka branch of the “Association of Taxpayers of Ukraine;

2011-2014 – Chairman of the Regional Council of Entrepreneurs at the Kherson Regional State Administration.


Wife Svetlana Brzezitskaya (Tkach)

Date of birth:

Education: School № 19 in Nikolaev

Higher education: Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

[email protected]

Together with her husband they bring up 4 children: son-Dmitry,born in 1997 ,
-Anastasius born in 2000,
-Maria, born in2005 ,
-Roman,born in 2009.

Labor Path:

1990 – Kakhovka repair-mechanical plant “Selhozagregat”;

1991 – electrician at “Kakhovka ExperimentalMechanical Plant;

1993-1995 – technician of scientific production enterprise “Konservpromkompleks” Odessa;

1995-1995 – trade manager with subsequent promotion to the head of the trade department of the private enterprise “Korona” in Odessa;

1996-1999 – Director of the private trade and production enterprise “SIB” in Kakhovka;

1998-2004 – private entrepreneur in the field of food sales.

2002 – Head of Sales Department, LLC “Barracuda” , Kakhovka;

2008 – co-founder of the public organization “Orthodox Parents’ Committee;

2008 – Founder of the regional exhibition “Pokrovskaya Yarmarka”;

2011 – Founder of the Kakhovka City Charitable Foundation “Lepta;

2008-2012 – Founder of the Ark Children’s Camp;

2021 – Head of the Myriad Community;

2022 – Director/owner of the Kakhovka Experimental Mechanical Plant.

Cooperation with the occupiers:

He defected to the side of the occupant, waiting for the soonest arrival of the “Russian world” in the Kherson region.

In his subjective opinion, Igor Vladimirovich believes that the war in Ukraine was inevitable. He believes that “Russophobia” is one of the reasons for the war that began in Ukraine. He also spread the opinion among his friends and relatives that Kherson has always been a Russian city with a rich history.

He was noticed for his charitable activities, the founder of which he himself is, but the help through this fund went not for the needs of the citizens of Kherson, but for “polite tourists”.

Also, Igor Vladimirovich, as a very religious man, has apparently become so convinced that he can no longer tell the difference between black and white.

Moreover, he sincerely believes that Patriarch Kirill of the Moscow Orthodox Church is almost divine incarnate and his chief orthodox pastor.

During the occupation of the city Igor Vladimirovich decided to commit an act of good will and provided the aggressor his mechanical plant for both storage of equipment and for repairs.