Full name: Gorbatko Igor Vladimirovich

Date of birth: January 12, 1971

Address: vil. Shaykovka, 6, sq. 46

Passport: 2903744334

INN: 402302284145

Driver’s license: 4003562422.

Cell phone: +79105110325

Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

Brief Biography

Russian serviceman-terrorist Igor Gorbatko serves in the aviation regiment in the unit 33310 and is a member of the command staff of the unit. He has the military rank of lieutenant colonel. As of 2018, he is deputy regimental commander for personnel work. Registered in Shaykovka.

In 2015, Igor Vladimirovich was self-nominated as a deputy of the Village Council of the Vypolzovo settlement.

Like many Russian servicemen, Igor Gorbatko was directly involved in the “special military operation” in Ukraine.

War Crimes of Igor Gorbatko

Terrorist Gorbatko coordinated the launch of supersonic long-range airborne anti-ship cruise missiles X-22 on Ukrainian territory. One of these killer rockets hit a high-rise building in the city of Dnepr and as a result of the hit the whole entrance of the high-rise collapsed, from 2nd to 9th floor, and the first floor together with the people and the bodies of the dead was under the rubble.

As a result of a terrorist attack by members of an aviation regiment in Dnepr – more than 40 victims, the fate of many people remains unknown.

Lieutenant Colonel Gorbatko Igor Vladimirovich gave criminal orders to destroy the civilian population and now, unequivocally, deserves only prison and the cruelest punishment. Everyone responsible for the missile attack on the apartment building in Dnepr will be severely punished for following Putin’s bloody orders!