Full name: Illarionov Igor Valentinovich

Date of birth: 11.07.1969

INN: 502241636840

Citizenship: Russia

Rank: Major General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Passport: 4614 606722 issued by: TP №1 of the Department of the Federal Migration Service of Russia in Kolomna

Phone: +79168311153; +79055613484

Email: [email protected]

Address: Moscow Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya street, 36 kv. 48, intercom 48; Moscow region, City: Kolomna, Street: Umanskaya, House: 24, Apartment: 15; City: Kaliningrad; Dmitriya Donskogo street; House: 20; Floor: 8; Office: 61; Kaliningrad Region, Kaliningrad, Central district, Sovetskiy pr.

Position: Minister of Internal Affairs of Crimea


Wife – Alla Anatolievna Neshumova Date of birth: November 7, 1976; TIN: 507202132510; Place of birth: Vrachevo-Gorki, Lukhovitsky District, Moscow Region, position: LLC “Allpharm”, General Director (Her property includes four land plots, a house of 281 square meters, a 52.4 square meter apartment, a commercial and office building of 348 square meters, a parking lot of 2473 square meters, a 177.7 square meter store, a 2013 Porsche Cayenne car. The income last year amounted to 3.7 million rubles).

Daughter: Illarionova Anna Igorevna; Date of birth: 05/11/2008.

Income for 2017. – 1,668,541.58 rubles.

Car: TOYOTA LAND SRUISER RRADO 2008 License plate number: А777РО150; VIN: JTEVU29J805129638.

Terrorist activities:

Illarionov Igor Valentinovich – born July 11, 1969, in Podlipki, Lukhovitsky district, Moscow region.

He was appointed Minister of Internal Affairs of Crimea. In 1992, Illarionov received a full-time diploma from the Moscow Secondary Special School of Militia of the Russian Interior Ministry. Later, he received additional education at the Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, specializing in jurisprudence.

Then he graduated from the Federal Reserve Course at the Management Academy of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. 1990-1992 Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Moscow Region, Patrol and Checkpoint Service Officer. 1992-2013 UBOP KM of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of the Moscow region, officer. 2013-28.12.2016 Main Directorate of Internal Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Deputy Head. 28.12.2016-18.10.2021 Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kaliningrad region, chief. 18.10.2021- 27.01.2023 Main Directorate of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow, Deputy Chief.

It is engaged in the infringement of the Crimean Tatars on the peninsula. He supports the invasion of Russia and is a henchman of the occupying power. A Kremlin protégé in the temporarily occupied territory.

Igor will be severely punished, as will all accomplices of the Russian world.