Full name: Ivanov Igor Yuryevich

Date of birth: 07.06.1970

Place of birth: Donetsk region, Toretsk. Toretsk

Places of residence:

Donetsk region Toretsk. Toretsk, 8 March street, 57;

Donetsk region, Mariupol district, Mangush community, settlement Mangush, 166 Titova str.

Education: Kharkov Institute of Market Economy and Management

Rank: Captain

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: VE913787

Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation: 9316 009171

Identification number: 2572506011

Driver’s license: JANA261323

Mobile numbers: +380505232695, +380505232695, +380713034490

Occupation: t.n. Head of the police department in the Pervomaisky district of the “DnR”


Service record:

2014- “dnrfighter;


  • The deputy head of the dnr police department;
  • The Department of the State Automobile Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the “DnR” – Deputy Head of the Traffic Police Department for servicing the administrative territory of the city of Toretsk;
  • An inspector from the administrative practice of the department of state automobile inspection with the service of Snezhnoye;

2016-Toretsk State Automobile Inspectorate;

2020deputy head of the Torets police department of the “dnr” ministry of internal affairs;


  • An employee of the traffic police in the Donetsk region;
  • The acting head of the police department in the Donetsk region;
  • Temporary officer of the police department in the Pervomaisky district of the “dnr”;
  • The head of the police department in the Pervomaisky district of the “dnr.

Going over to the side of the occupant:

He consciously defected to the occupant back in 2014, where he was a member of one of the illegal armed formations of the so-called “Dnr. He took part in the armed conflict, where he proved to be quite cruel to Ukrainian prisoners of war. He suggested that prisoners should not be exchanged, but used as “human shields.

Later, in 2015, he was appointed deputy head of the dnr traffic police department. However, it is worth noting that this appointment was only an official occasion for showing a picture of the good life and integration of the “republic” into the russian Federation.

In fact, Igor Yurievich spent a long period of time on assignments from senior management, among which the priority was to find “qualified” personnel, work with the local population in order to build trust and conduct activities to popularize and legitimize the so-called. of the new power of the “republic.

Igor Yurievich’s further assignments involved most of the work in his current area of responsibility, but did not exclude cases where it was necessary to work on the search for partisans and pro-Ukrainian population in the occupied territories.

Repeatedly accused the Ukrainian leadership of inadequate monetary and material provision, which was the main reason for committing the dastardly act of betraying his country.