Full name: Krohmal Igor Mikhailovich

Date of birth: February 17, 1972

Address: Murmansk region, Severomorsk, st. Gadzhieva, 7, kv.15.

Phone: +7(906)287-13-45

Passport rf: 4717 566122

TIN: 511007470938

SNLS: 511-007-470 93

Occupation: Captain of the First Rank, Commander of the frigate “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov”.



Brother: Krohmal Alexei Mikhailovich

Wife: Tamara Belikova

Daughter: Krohmal Arina Igorevna

Daughter: Krohmal Natalia Igorevna

Terrorist activities:

Terrorist Igor Mikhailovich Krohmal was born on February 17, 1972 in the city of Severomorsk. Krohmal focused his career ladder on the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet.

As of January 2023, Igor is the commander of the frigate Admiral Gorshkov. In late May 2022 the frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” from the waters of the Barents Sea fired a hypersonic missile “Zirkon” at a target in the White Sea, the missile successfully hit a sea target, located at a distance of about 1000 km.

The commander of the frigate Igor Mikhailovich, chilled by Russian ideologies, continues to carry out his terrorist activities aimed at an independent Ukraine. And it cannot be ruled out that the Zircon missiles will not be used in special operations against civilians living in the Ukrainian territories.

While Igor Mikhailovich’s daughters are in St. Petersburg and his wife is in Severomorsk, his husband earns money by dabbling on the waves of the White Sea, provoking and threatening Ukraine.

For his actions, he deserves a life sentence in a maximum-security prison. Quite soon it will happen. At present, Captain 1st rank Krohmal Igor Mikhailovich continues his activities in the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy. You have to know all murderers by sight!