Full name: Markin Igor Aleksandrovich

Date of birth: March 1, 1991

Address: Ukraine, Donetsk region, Lyman., prospectus. Brig, д. 5A, sq. 20;


Phone: +380500886837

Passport: VK 349055


– rescuer of the 21st Fire and Rescue Squad of the State Emergencies Service of Ukraine in Donetsk Region;

– member of NGO “Federation of Fire-Applied Sports of Donetsk region”;

– a member of the Donetsk regional organization of FSOU “Dynamo”;

– t.s. “rescuer of the 69th Fire and Rescue Unit of the DNR Ministry of Emergency Situations;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants;




Married, with a son.

The sister is Zoya Markina.

Sister – Yulia Belous (Markina), born in July 22, 1989.

Spouse – Margarita Markina (Shepilova), born in March 28, 1966.

The rescuer who became a traitor – Markin Igor Aleksandrovich, was born on March 1, 1991 in the village of Stavki, Donetsk region. While in school, Igor decided that in the future he wanted to be a lifeguard. This decision will determine his future profession.

After graduating from school Igor Markin realized his dream – to become a lifeguard in the 21st Fire and Rescue Squad of the Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Donetsk region. In the service he stood out for his excellent physical form, and some time later he was invited to join the public organization “Federation of Fire-Applied Sports of the Donetsk region. Also, Igor was a member of other sports organizations, such as the Donetsk branch of the Ukrainian Physical Culture and Sports Society “Dynamo”.

Unfortunately, in 2014 . the situation has changed for the worse. When the so-called ” VVF” appeared in Liman. “DNR” Igor Markin violated the oath and joined their “service,” as evidenced by photos of Markin with the terrorists. But when Liman was released from the latter, Markin was able to “merge” in time and returned to service in the GSES. After the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 and the entry of the invaders into Liman, Igor again betrayed Ukraine and entered the “service” of the new “masters”. The latter did not forget him and assigned him as a “rescuer” in the so-called “.69th Fire and Rescue Unit of the DNR Ministry of Emergency Situations. Thus Markin turned from an athlete and rescuer into a vile traitor.

For his “service” to the enemy, Igor Markin faces imminent and just retribution, which is approaching with each passing day.