Full name: Tsarukaeva Inga Aleksandrovna

Date of birth: February 01, 1989

Place of residence: vladikavkaz

Rank: petty officer

Duty station: Southern Military District.

Awards: Suvorov Medal (2022)


– participant of Putin’s New Year’s greeting;

– participant of the “special military operation” on the territory of Ukraine;

– an abettor of terrorist activities of the rf

Inga Tsarukaeva is a member of Putin’s New Year’s greeting party in 2022.

Petty Officer Inga Aleksandrovna Tsarukaeva I was born on February 01, 1989. He lives in Vladikavkaz and serves in the Southern Military District. During the “special military operation” in Ukraine, she served as a field medic. For what services she received the medal of Suvorov – one can only guess.

The medal “for courage” received will never justify Inga Tsarukaeva’s complicity in Putin’s terrorist actions. The abettor of Putin’s bloody hands will soon answer for her blatant crimes against Ukraine and its people with a very high price.