Full name: Bogomaz Inna Valentinovna

Date of birth: 28.08.1975

Address: Ukraine, Lugansk region, Belovodsk district, Evsug village.



– t.s. “chief specialist of the department of life support in the village. Yevsug of the Belovodsk district of the LNR;

– State traitor, an accomplice of the Russian occupation troops;



Bogomaz Inna Valentinovna is a traitor and active supporter of the Russian occupation troops, born on August 28, 1975 in the village of Yevsug, Luhansk region.

Until February 24, 2022, Inna resided in Eusuga. She has no higher education. With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukrainian territory by the Russian invaders, Bogomaz committed high treason and voluntarily agreed to “cooperate” with the Russian invaders.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

When Russian occupation forces invaded Luhansk oblast, Inna betrayed Ukraine and went to “rapprochement” with the enemy. The occupiers appointed the traitor Bogomaz as the “chief specialist” in the so-called “The life support department of the Yevsug village of the Belovodsk district administration of the LNR.

In his new “position” Bogomaz actively supports “life” in the village. For example, he provides the “police” with information about pro-Ukrainian villagers and decides to “destroy” agricultural enterprises, whose plundered property is then sold to the Russian Federation. Inna does not forget about propaganda – among her friends and acquaintances she actively promotes the values of the “Russian world” and speaks positively about the Russian Federation.

But you have to pay for everything. Inna Bogomaz will pay in full for her despicable betrayal and “assistance” to the Russian occupiers. A place in the dock already awaits the traitor.