Full name: Irina Gaag

Date of Birth: 28.10.1980

Place of residence: 34123, Kassel, Breslauer Str. 35 (Germany)

Occupation.Kremlin propaganda agent, Ukrainophobe

Phone: +49 177 59 05 610


Husband: Edward Gass

Date of birth: 4.11

Car: BMW, German license plate AN DA 99

Phone: +49 177 2686902

Daughter: Vitalia Haag

Date of birth: May 24, 2005

A brief biography of Irina Hague

Irina Gaag was born on October 28, 1980. He lives in Kessel, Germany. In the spring of 2022 she married Edward Gass, and from her first marriage she has a 17-year-old daughter, Vitalia. Together with her husband she runs the driving school “Fahrschule Gass”, where she serves mainly Russian-speaking migrants and people from the Middle East.

Irina Haag: Agent Activity

In March 2023, Irina Gaag became the subject of a high-profile scandal because of her publication on Telegram:

“I will personally make sure that every Ukrainian bitch in Germany is humiliated, raped, and done the most vile things to them! You Ukrainian scum should die faster without you,” Hague wrote.

Representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora and pro-Ukrainian Germans quickly contacted the local police. They demanded that Gaag be prosecuted for xenophobia, hate speech, and threats to life and personal integrity. All the necessary evidence was provided. German law enforcers promised to take this case under special control.

Irina Gaag deleted her social media profiles after the scandal. Her daughter, Vitalia Haag, also closed her pages. However, the profiles of her husband, Edward Gass, are still in the public domain. It can be concluded from them that the Haag family is actively communicating with Rascists who live in Germany and spreading Kremlin propaganda narratives.

Irina Gaag is now trying in every way to hide the traces of her statements in social networks. But indifferent users saved all the necessary body of evidence so that she would eventually be prosecuted. As a German citizen, she cannot be deported from the country. However, her actions fall under several articles of the German Criminal Code. So she faces a heavy fine, and possibly even imprisonment.