Full name: Golovan Irina Nikolaevna

Date of birth: 17.01.1970

Place of birth: Donetsk region, Novoazovsk

Place of residence: Donetsk region, Novoazovsk, Lenina str. 6, sq. 3

Place of temporary stay: Abkhazian Autonomous Republic – illegal stay 15.09.2019- 19.09.2019


Kharkov State University, specialty “Biology”, qualification: biologist, teacher of biology and chemistry;

Donetsk National Technical University, specialty “Public Service”, qualification: Master of Public Administration

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: VA176110

Passport of a foreign citizen or stateless person: 6019668101

Identification number: 2558406265

Mobile numbers: +380629631740, +380951112571, +380713005134, 79493005134

Occupation: t. n. deputy head of the Novoazovsky district administration for social issues


Labor Path:

08.09.1992 – 22.02.1993 – teacher of the after-school group at Novoazovskaya secondary school № 3;

23.02.1993 – 27.12.2001 – teacher of biology at Novoazovskaya secondary school № 1;

28.12.2001 – 24.05.2007 – Head of Organizational and Personnel Work Department of Novoazovsk Rayon State Administration;

25.05.2007 – 30.12.2014 – Chief of Staff of Novoazovsk District State Administration;

01.11.2014 – 17.12.2014 – Acting Chief of Staff of Novoazovsky District Administration;

18.12.2014 – 16.03.2015 – Acting Head of the Archive Department of the Novoazovsky District Administration;

2015 – Managing Director of the Novoazovsky District Council;

2016 – Managing Director of the Novoazovskiy District Administration of the “dnr”;

2017 – Managing Director of the Novoazovskiy District Administration of the “dnr”;

2017 – member of the public movement “Donetsk Republic;

2018 – Head of the executive local branch of the social movement “Donetsk Republic”;

2019 – Head of the Organizational Department of the Novoazovsky District Administration;


  • deputy head of the Novoazovsky district administration of the “dnr;
  • a member of the social movement “Donetsk Republic;
  • deputy head of the Novoazovsky district administration for social issues.

Activities on the side of the occupier:

He has been cooperating with the occupation troops for a long time, and since the beginning of active hostilities in 2014 he has been actively supporting the political actions of the Russian Federation’s top leadership.

Believes that the policy of the Russian Federation is primarily aimed at protecting the Russian-speaking population, which is infringed upon by Ukraine. Divides the politics and all the actions of the so-called of the legitimate government of the “dnr.

As deputy head of the Novoazovsky district administration for social issues, the “dnr ” actively promotes anti-crime programs. However, anti-crime programs tend to seek out the pro-Ukrainian population and those who express negativity towards the current authorities of the so-called “DnR.

It is worth mentioning that the various social programs overseen by Irina Nikolayevna are funded by the rf to create a picture of good life in the so-called “republic.

As a “civil servant,” Irina Nikolayevna supports and promotes the destructive policy of the so-called “DnR,” advocates continued war by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, and criticizes the highest military and political leadership of Ukraine.

It promotes “state” programs concerning the social protection of participants in combat operations of the so-called “DnR”. Moreover, it is developing employment programs for displaced persons and refugees who have suffered as a result of “aggressive actions” by the Ukrainian armed forces.

Supports the cult of the great “Victory”, and has programs to restore monuments to participants in the “Great Patriotic War”.

For conscientious performance of her duties, being committed to the current government and making an invaluable contribution to the development of the so-called “DnR” she was awarded a diploma of the public movement “Donetsk Republic”, also received a certificate of merit heads of the t.v. “dnr”.