Full name: Irina Grigorenko

Date of birth: 19.11.1989

Address: Ukraine, Lugansk region, the city of Lugansk.




– enemy snitch, agitator;

– A traitor, an accomplice of the Russian occupation troops;



Grigorenko Irina Yurievna is an enemy informer, traitor to Ukraine and active supporter of the Russian occupation troops, born December 11, 1956 in the city of Lugansk , Lugansk region.

Until February 24, 2022, Irina lived in temporarily occupied Lugansk. With the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Luhansk Oblast by Russian occupants, Grigorenko sneakily betrayed her country and went over to the side of the Russian occupiers.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

As soon as Russian occupation troops entered Luhansk regionIryna committed high treason and voluntarily “cooperated” with the Russian occupiers.

As part of her “interaction” with the invaders, Grigorenko engaged in pro-Russian propaganda and justified Russian aggression against Ukraine in personal conversations. For example, she made publications in her profile on the Odnoklassniki social network, where she supported the Russian occupiers and justified the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Irina Grigorenko’s “cooperation” with the Russian invaders will result in a fair sentence and the rest of her life behind bars. A prison cell is already waiting for the collaborator.