Full name: Mikhalchenko Irina Alexandrovna

Date of birth: 27.07.1972

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Skadovsky district, Gladkovka village.


– passport officer and t.nz military commandant at the village council;

– an employee of the occupation administration;

– t.nz inspector of landscaping and military records.


Mykhalchenko Irina Alexandrovna – an accomplice of “Putin’s regime” in Ukraine was born in the village of Gladkovka, Skadovka district, Kherson region, where she lived before the invasion.She was an employee of the administrative state services. She worked in the post-sporting office and also served as a military commandant at the village council.

After February 24, Irina Alexandrovna began to support anti-Ukrainian sentiments and became an accomplice of the Rashists herself.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

After thefull-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian invaders, the woman began to actively assist the occupation troops and the provisional leadership in the Kherson region and engaged in collaborationist activities.

Under the occupation, Mikhalchenko as well as her kin went to cooperate with the Russians. She agreed to take a job in the fake occupation authority, where the woman performed organizational and administrative functions under the chairmanship of gauleiters in the pseudo position of inspector of Gladkovski Starostynsky district.

The collaborator served the residents of the settlement as a “beautification inspector” under Russian law and facilitated activities to obtain Russian passports.

Collaborator Mihalchenko, staying in her “position” performed organizational, administrative and economic functions, recruited personnel for the occupation establishment. It also accepted reports on the work done, coordinated plans, programs concerning cooperation with the occupation power.

The collaborator Mihalchenko Irina Alexandrovna will soon have to answer to the people for her complicity with the Russian occupiers. For the punishment for aiding the enemy is inevitable.