Full name: Smaga Irina Ivanovna

Date of birth: May 12, 1965

Marital status: married

Place of birth: Luhansk Region, Kreminna District, Kreminna

Place of residence: Luhansk region, Kreminna district, Kreminna, 30th January Street, 87.

Education: Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: EM463878

Identification number: 2387309506

Mobile numbers: +380501549823, +380725229525, +380938590422

Occupation: Director of the “Center for Social Services” in the Kremen district


Labor Activities:

2006 – Head of the community “Our Community”;


  • deputy head of tc. The administration of the Kremlin district of the “LNR ” on social issues;
  • the head of the public organization “Our Community”;
  • head of the communal enterprise “Center for Social Services” of the Kremen city council;
  • Head of the Center for Support of People with Disabilities, an NGO;
  • deputy head of administration of the “Center for Social Services” of the Kremen city council;
  • Director of the “Center for Social Services” of the Kremlin City Council.

Collaborationist activities:

In 2014, it actively supported the Luhansk region’s incorporation into the Russian Federation. At that time, she was an assistant to Yulia G. Nazarenko, who was the head of the Kremen district council. In tandem with Nazarenko, she directly participated in the preparation and conduct of the referendum on self-determination of the so-called “Lnr.

On several occasions she has been seen recruiting citizens for so called. law enforcement agencies and the people’s militia of the LNR.

It was engaged in discrediting the top military and political leadership of Ukraine and the armed forces. Blamed the armed forces for the shelling of civilian infrastructure.

Voluntarily began to cooperate with the occupation troops. It deals with issues of social security both for fighters of illegal armed groups and occupation troops.