Full name: Ivan Vasilyevich Grigorashchenko

Date of birth: 14.05.1967

Address: Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya region, Energodar city



– head of a utility company under the occupiers;

– t.nz chairman of the city council’s housing and utilities commission;

– traitor, collaborator



Grigorashchenko Ivan Vasilyevich – pseudo-officer at pseudo-government, which for the sake of “Putin” betrayed his native country was born on May 14, 1967 in the Odessa region, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. In 1991 he graduated from the Odessa State Academy of Architecture and Construction. Married. There’s a daughter and a son.

Labor activity Grigorashchenko settled in the city of Energodar, he worked in management positions of municipal enterprises of the city. He was the director of Ritual KP, which he re-registered under Russian law with the arrival of Russian invaders.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

As it turns out, Grigorashchenko has long shown his commitment to the “Russian world” since the beginning of the illegal invasion of the Russian occupation troops on the territory of Ukraine in 2022. Pseudo-authorities of Zaporizhzhya region position Ivan Vasilyevich as a “professional manager of the municipal sphere”.

When the Russians came to the city of Energodar, Grigorashchenko decided to “Russian masters” and received from the Rashists “new administrative functions”, began to “be in charge” of communal issues.

He took the position of “director of the communal enterprise” of the enterprise under the Rashists, then went for a “promotion”, taking the position of chairman of the commission of housing and communal services of the city council.

The collaborator is involved in the preparation of housing and social facilities under the occupation authorities. The traitor actively participates in all activities organized by the occupiers. Reported on the preparation of facilities for the “heating season”.

Another fact of Hryhorashchenko’s treasonous activity was that during the pseudo-elections in the temporarily occupied part of Zaporizhzhya region, the collaborator ran as a candidate from the Russian political party “ldpr“.

For betrayal of the Motherland and violation of the legislation of Ukraine, the collaborator Hryhorashchenko Ivan Vasilyevich will have to answer to the court. After all, for such unlawful actions-punishment is inevitable.