Full name: Didovodyuk Yana Sergeevna

Date of birth: 15.01.1990

Address: Zaporozhye region. Mikhailovka village , prospect. Doktorsky 5, sq. 7.



headed the electoral commission for the pseudo-referendum.


Didovodyuk Yana Sergeevna – born January 15, 1990, in the city of Mikhailovka, Zaporozhye region. Before the arrival of the occupation troops did not officially work anywhere. Since 2014, she has spoken out about the fact that Crimea is Russian, going to Russia to work.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

With the beginning of the occupation of Ukrainian territories and the occupation of the city, Mikhailovka began to work for the occupiers. With the help of the invaders, Didovodyuk took a seat in the administration of the city of Mikhailovka.

Jana headed the electoral commission for the pseudo-referendum and actively went door-to-door with a poll on the referendum. She gave up to the occupiers the addresses of empty houses where Ukrainians had left during the occupation in order to settle Russian soldiers there.

She agitated local residents of Mikhailovka to raise money to support the Russian army. Together with her parents, Olena and Sergei Didovodyuk, she held free lunches for the occupants. She gave up information about the whereabouts of Ukrainian activists in Mykhailivka who remained in the city and supported the Ukrainian authorities.

An ardent admirer of the Russian world, she repeatedly walked the central streets of Mikhailovka with a Russian flag and supported Russia’s actions (above evidence in the form of a photograph).

Sooner or later Yana will answer in court for her crimes against the Ukrainian people!