Full name: Murmalko Zhanna Fridrikhovna

Date of birth: September 7, 1958

Place of birth: Donetsk region, Torez

Places of residence:

Donetsk region, Torez, Goncharova str. 17, sq. 53;

Donetsk region, Torez, Stakhanov St. 1, sq. 32.


Taganrog Aviation College

Higher education:

Donetsk National University

Identification number: 2143414140

Occupation: t.n. Secretary of the Executive Committee of the city of Torez



Son – Denis Alexandrovich, daughter – Vilena Alexandrovna

Labor Path:

2014-anaccomplice of the dnr;

2015 – Secretary of the City Council.

Murmalko Zhanna, like many who believed and continue to believe in the victory of the great rf, defected to the side of the occupant back in 2014. Everything began with trivial events at the time. Jeanne Friedrichovna took an active stance toward the future “liberator,” supporting the so-called “liberator. rallies for cooperation with the Russian Federation, infiltrated separatist movements, demonstrated its “civic” position, and met the occupant with open hands.

Together with a deputy of the Torez City Council, she promoted rallies and a referendum in support of the so-called “Dnr. It is worth adding that Zhanna Friedrichovna was not at all shy when she mentioned the alleged capture of such cities as Kharkov, Kherson, and Odessa. In every way she spread rumors that the “Russian world” was near and would be in every Russian-speaking city, and later in all of Ukraine.

The widespread war was just another reason to check and see if people like Jeanne had anything sacred left, or how their values might have changed eight years later. It was to be expected, eight years of total propaganda and Jeanne’s lack of any critical thinking has completely destroyed her as a person. After all, to continue to believe in the good intentions of the rf and support the war for 8 years is a neglected form of collaborationism that has no forgiveness and no chance of redemption.