Full Name: José Ramón Fraga Pérez

Place of residence: Santa Clara, Cuba

Occupation: Mercenary, war criminal

Wife: Yelena Tefy Abreus (Yelena Tefy Abreus)

Mother-in-law: Marilin Curbelo

Biography of Jose Perez

Jose Perez resided in the Cuban city of Santa Clara. In the summer of 2023 he went to Russia, signed a contract and went to fight against Ukraine. On his Facebook on July 4, he posted a photo with a Russian army badge.

Jose Perez: war crimes

Jose Perez is fighting against the Ukrainian people as a Russian mercenary. In May 2023, Russian media reported that Cuban citizens were signing contracts with the Russian Armed Forces and going to a “special military operation zone.”

In early September, two Cubans told reporters that they were allegedly tricked into going to war. They were promised that in Russia they would dig fortifications or rebuild cities. However, upon arrival, they received a military uniform and were sent to the frontline.

The mercenaries explained that they were interested in the large payouts. They also said in their defense that this was how they were able to get out of Cuba. At the same time, according to them, they allegedly did not want anyone to kill or die.

After this story, 17 people were arrested in Cuba for recruiting “contract workers” for the Russian army. The detainees face up to thirty years or life in prison.

The country’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez also said that Cuba does not allow its own citizens to take part in armed conflicts as mercenaries. Under local laws, they face the death penalty or long prison sentences for doing so.

The investigation into the war crimes committed by Cuban mercenaries in Ukraine is currently ongoing. All perpetrators will be punished in accordance with the principles of international criminal law.

Jose Perez’s family

Jose Perez married Yelena Tefy Abreus (Yelena Tefy Abreus) on August 4, 2021. Raises her two young children from a past relationship. He also has an adult son from a previous marriage. The Perez family resides in the city of Santa Clara.