Full name: Yulia Vasilyevna Protsenko

Date of birth: 13.01.1978

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Golaya Prystan town


– an employee of the tax office under the occupiers;

– an employee of the financial department of the occupation administration;

– An accomplice of the Russian occupation regime


Protsenko Yulia Vasilyevna is a state traitor, who wanted a “decent future” together with rf and betrayed Ukraine, was born in the city of Golaya Prystan Kherson.

For some time Julia was engaged in unofficial entrepreneurial activity, because the woman was engaged in nail service. Protsenko has no higher education. When the Rashist occupants invaded the territory of the Kherson region, namely began to establish a Putin-controlled policy in the Golopristansky district, the woman showed her commitment to the “Russian world” and even then supported the policy of the Rashists and went over to the side of the enemy.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

Thus, the collaborator cooperates with the occupation authorities and has taken a pseudo position of an employee of the financial department under the occupation administration. In addition to social payments to local residents with Russian passports, the state treasonist also forces physical persons-entrepreneurs and legal entities to re-register their enterprises according to the instructions of her pseudo-heads and demand funds from FLPs, but already on behalf of the russian Federation services.

Collaborator Protsenko and her traitor husband also participate in joint propaganda activities with the Russians and their henchmen. Participated in the organization and holding of an illegitimate referendum, voted “for” the annexation of Kherson region to the russian Federation.

Accepts documents for reissuance under the “new rules”. Together with her husband Protsenko Oleg Ivanovich she supports the occupation authorities. Own a currency exchange office in Naked Wharf. Claiming and rejoicing that Russia is here “forever”.

Protsenko Yulia Vasilyevna, a traitor to Ukraine, will answer to the tribunal for her assistance and cooperation with the Russian occupation power. The collaborator of the occupiers and terrorists, as well as all other collaborators, will receive a just punishment.