Full name: Yulia Shapar

Date of birth: 02.12.1994

Address: Ukraine,Lisichansk Lugansk region


– organizer of humanitarian aid for the occupiers;

– An accomplice of the Russian troops, a collaborator of the Russian army



Yulia Shapar, a woman who lived all her life in Ukraine but believed intheRussian world” and became an enabler of enemy troops, was born in the city of Lisichansk, Luhansk Region. She lived in Severodonetsk, worked at the local store “Dolphin.

After the start ofthe full-scale invasion ofUkraine by Russian occupation troops in February 2022, Yulia Shapar was one of the first residents of this settlement who voluntarily defected to the side of the occupiers.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

The woman began agitating locals to help the Russian Armed Forces soldiers, the so-called “liberators. The collaborator then began organizing humanitarian aid for the enemy and helping not only with food, but also with other supplies in the form of humanitarian aid for Russian terrorists.

In addition, she received a Russian passport and willingly gave interviews to Russian propaganda channels, in which she accused the Ukrainian Armed Forces of constant shelling of Luhansk Region settlements and called on “liberators” to stop “fascism in Ukraine.

For helping the enemy and betraying her homeland collaborator Shapar Yulia will suffer a fair punishment, and it will come for the traitor very soon.