Full name: Sypko Julia Olegovna

Date of birth: 06.03.1976

Address: Ukraine, Kherson




-journalist with the occupation troops;

– journalist-interviewer of the propaganda TV channel “Tavriya”;

-An accomplice of the occupiers, a collaborator


Yulia Olegovna Sypko, an accomplice of the Rashists who agreed to fight against Ukraine on the information front, was born on March 06, 1976 in the city of Kherson. By profession – a journalist, but the last place of work of the traitor until 24.02.2022 was the Kherson regional state administration.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

But after the full-scale invasion of Ukrainian territory by Russian occupation troops, Yulia Sypko voluntarily defected to the Russian occupiers and began working for the TV channel “Tavria”created by the occupation authorities.

The collaborator works as a journalist-interviewer for propaganda news stories, has interviewed local residents about the destruction in the city by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and has also collaborated with Russian media herself. I personally interviewed the gauleiter of the Kherson region, Vladimir Saldo. The woman actively spread narratives of Russian propaganda and provided false information about the actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

For betraying her state and working on the enemy’s information front, collaborator Yulia Olegovna Sypko will face trial and fair punishment for working for the enemy.