Full name: Tyutyuryatnik (Masteryuk) Julia Gennadyevna

Date of birth: 16.04.1984

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Novaya Kakhovka, Victory 8., sq.121.

Passport: MR 319313, issued by Novokakhovskiy GO UMVD

INN: 3078712522

Contacts: +380950424525,+380554971875

Email: [email protected]

Marital status: married with a daughter


– a former employee of the Novocahova Education Department;

– former teacher at the general education school of I-III stages No. 8 with advanced study of English in Novokakhovsky city council of Kherson region;

– Director of Novokakhov school No. 10 under the Russian occupants;

– “head of the election commission” in a pseudo-election;

– Collaborator, traitor



Participant of the event organized by the Rashists in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, namely fake elections -Tyutyuryatnik Yulia Gennadyevna. She was born in the town of Novaya Kakhovka. She has a pedagogical education. Graduated from Berislav Pedagogical College named after V.F.Benkovskiy. She worked in general educational institutions of Novaya Kakhovka city.

Tyutyuryatnik worked as a teacher of the after-school group in the general education school of I-III stages No. 8 with advanced study of English in Novokakhovsky city council. She also taught classes for elementary school children.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

Yulia Gennadyevna always had pro-Ukrainian views, taught her children patriotism and love for the Motherland. But she herself violated all her civil rights and obligations by betraying her country. After all, with the beginning of the invasion of Russian occupation troops into Ukraine, the woman actively expressed her support for Russia and voluntarily defected to the enemy.

Tyutyuryatnik supported the policy of theoccupationauthorities on the territory of Kherson region and immediately adjusted to the new “rules of law” of the pseudo officials. She agreed to switch to Russian standards of education and received a new position from the Russian occupants, who entrusted the collaborator to head Novokakhovskaya secondary school No. 10.

The traitor supports the Russian program of education of Ukrainian children and promotes anti-Ukrainian sentiments. Forced the teaching staff to cooperate with the Russian aggressor. She underwent so-called retraining (teacher training courses) in temporarily occupied Crimea.

Also together with her family (husband and daughter), in the summer of 2023, Julia Tyutyuryatnik visited Yalta, where she vacationed on the Black Sea coast and in her social networks rejoiced at the arrival of Russia.

Participation in pseudo-elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine:

In addition, the despicable state traitor agreed to participate in pseudo-elections, which the occupiers decided to hold from September 8 to 10, 2023, including in the temporarily occupied part of Kherson region. As part of the non-legitimate event, collaborator Tyutyuryatnik conducted propaganda campaigns to lure the local population to participate in the “elections”. As the “head of the territorial commission No. 8” of Novokahivka municipal district, Tyutyuryatnyk will ensure the organizational direction of pseudo-elections and count fake votes.

Made a choice in favor of the aggressor country, Tyutyuryatnik Yulia Gennadyevn signed her own verdict. After all, for treason and encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, the woman will answer to the law and will be punished according to the highest measures of justice.