Full name: Vadim Vladimirovich Karetnikov

Date of birth: 11.04.1977

Place of birth:
Zaporozhye region, Gulyaypole

Place of residence: Zaporizhzhya region, Energodar, Stroiteley Avenue, 32, sq. 15.

Marital status: married

Education: Kharkov National University of Municipal Economy named after O.M. Beketova

Faculty: Electricity supply and city lighting

Specialty: Electricity supply of cities

DRFO code: 2822507093, received on 19.02.1998, at the address: Energodar, Zaporozhye region, Novgorodskaya street, 10, sq.4.

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: series СЮ №105273, issued by Energodarskiy municipal department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Zaporozhye region

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad: ER858873, issued on June 27, 2014

Military service: in the military unit A0223

Mobile number: +380993827051

Occupation: t.s. Director of Energodar Gymnasium No. 2


Pro-Russian views:

Vadim Vladimirovich was and remains a fan of the Russian world. He has never concealed his views, moreover, he has repeatedly told his acquaintances and friends about it, drawing parallels on the Internet. He admires the leaders of the Soviet Union, as his pages on social networks show.

On February 3, 2021, the president of Ukraine decided to impose sanctions against Verkhovna Rada deputy Taras Kozak and three news TV channels belonging to him. The channels stopped broadcasting, to which Vadim Vladimirovich posted a general picture of the 3 channels on Facebook and wrote: “Today we will swallow the closure of these channels, and tomorrow they will devour us!

Activities on the side of the occupier:

From the moment the Russian Federation began its aggression on the territory of Ukraine, it supported the aggressor in every possible way.

On April 19, 2022 it became known that Vadim Karetnikov was appointed to the position of so-called “director” of the Energodar Gymnasium №2. It is important to note that the “great educator” has no specialized education, and before the invasion of Russian troops in the city Andrei was an electrician at Zaporizhzhia NPP.

Under the leadership of Vadim Karetnikov, Gymnasium No. 2 is in the preparatory phase in order to start teaching children in Russian, according to Russian standards, on September 1.

Moreover, Gymnasium No. 2 is the first educational institution in Energodar to be accredited according to rf standards.

Also, according to Andrei Vladimirovich, this year the training will be in Russian, but it will be allowed to study the Ukrainian language as part of the “native language” discipline.