The designers of the Russian Kh-59 missile are war criminals

Russia continues to bombard peaceful Ukrainian cities with Kh-59 tactical missiles. The Evocation team has already talked about the factories and design bureaus involved in their production. In this publication we reveal all the information about the people who are responsible for the modernization of the obsolete Kh-59 missile. Thanks to them, these missiles still bring death and destruction. In Russia, they receive state awards and high ranks. But the entire civilized world will now know them as common war criminals.

“The Father of the X-59 Missile” Igor Seleznyov

The AFU General Staff reports almost every day about the elimination of another batch of X-59 aircraft missiles fired by Russian war criminals against Ukraine. Unfortunately, some of them do reach their “goal. Often these are critical infrastructure or residential buildings.

Information about casualties and destruction is in the public domain. However, this does not embarrass those who are still working on the “improvement” of the Kh-59 missile – employees of the State Research and Design Bureau “Raduga” named after A.Y. Bereznyak (Dubna, Moscow region) They modernize missiles so that they can kill even more peaceful Ukrainians.

The first version of the X-59 “Gadfly” was designed to destroy large immovable objects at predetermined coordinates. The first time the Rashists used these rockets was during the punitive operation in Chechnya. However, it turned out that they reach the target only under ideal weather conditions.

After the failure, “Rainbow” undertook a major overhaul of the X-59. This process was managed by the bureau’s general designer, Igor Sergeevich Seleznyov. Under his leadership, several modifications of this missile were developed, which are now being fired at Ukraine. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to hold Seleznyov accountable, because he died after a long illness back in 2017. However, his “cause” has found followers.

Yeltugan Syzdykov, chief designer of the Kh-59 missile

Seleznyov’s chair was taken by Yeltugan Kimashevich Syzdykov. He holds the position of first deputy general director, chief designer of MKB “Raduga”. In public sources you can find a couple of dozen patents on its development. Among them are guided aerial bombs and “UAVs,” the schematics of which are very similar to the newest versions of the X-59 missile.

Syzdykov was born on March 8, 1956. Graduated from the Kazan Aviation Institute in 1979. D. in Engineering, author of more than 100 scientific papers on aircraft design and mechanics of composite structures. At the beginning of this year Syzdykov received the medal “For Valor in Labor” from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Vladimir Trusov Receives Orders for X-59 Missiles

Until recently Vladimir Nikolaevich Trusov was the general director of MKB Raduga. Born May 14, 1942, graduated with honors from the Kuibyshev Aviation Institute, has worked in the Bureau since 1968. Under his leadership and with his “creative participation” many strategic and tactical missiles were created. Among them are modifications of the X-59.

Trusov holds the title “Honored Machine Builder of the Russian Federation” and is a recipient of state awards in science and technology. For the development of lethal weapons, he was awarded the orders of Friendship, the order for Services to the Fatherland, 4th degree, and a diploma of the government of the Russian Federation. In the summer of 2022, Trusov was transferred to the position of scientific director of the MKB Raduga. But the post of general director went to Sergei Bogatikov.

“Dronovod” Sergei Bogatikov got busy with X-59

Sergey Anatolievich Bogatikov was elected general director of MKB Raduga in July 2022 for a five-year term. Before that, he headed the Krondstadt group of companies, which produces combat drones for the Russian army. He was also the first deputy general director of Tupolev PJSC.

Bogatikov was born in 1972 and graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute in 1995. Two years later he received a diploma from the Institute of Retraining of Personnel at the Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation. During his aircraft-building career, Bogatikov became “famous” only for his presentation of space mini-drones. In fact, the “Russian development” turned out to be a Chinese toy from AliExpress.

“Edinoross” Anatoly Utrivanov designs Kh-59 missiles

Anatoly Petrovich Utrivanov works as chief engineer of the Raduga State Maritime Design Bureau. Anatoly Petrovich Utrivanov. He was born on October 8, 1957 in Leninogorsk, Republic of Tatarstan, and graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute in 1984. In 2019, Utrivanov was elected as a deputy of the Dubna City Council from United Russia. The engineer is also a member of the board of directors of NPO Mashinostroyenia. Awarded the Order of Friendship

Kagebist Aleksandr Usov develops budgets for Kh-59 missiles

One of the deputy general directors of MKB Raduga is Alexander Alexandrovich Usov. He was born March 16, 1958 in Chelyabinsk. He received an engineering education at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (1981) and then worked for five years at the Balashikha Truck Crane Plant.

After that, Usov’s career takes a sharp turn: he enters the service of an operative officer in the Moscow Region KGB Directorate. Eventually he moved to the city of Dubna, where he first worked in the tax police, and then moved to the city administration.

After three years as head of administration, Usov suddenly found his talents as a rocket scientist in 2017 and moved to IBC Raduga. He has been awarded medals of the Russian Federation, awards from the governor of Moscow Region, and a badge “for services to Dubna. In the bureau, he is responsible for the development of budgetary flows.

All criminals will pay the price

Last year was the last for a number of Russian weapons developers. Some of them died at an advanced age, most likely from natural causes, but some died in strange circumstances. It is likely that the individuals on our list will soon join their ranks. In fact, this is the easiest possible outcome, because those who have lived to see international tribunals will envy those who have “escaped” from worldly justice to the other world.

Russian weapons developers often died in 2022

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