Full name: Klochko Andrey Aleksandrovich

Date of birth: 23.12.1983

Place of birth: Kherson Oblast, city of Genichesk

Address of registration: Kherson region, Genichesk city, 40 years of Victory street. 6A, sq. 11

DRFO code: 3067200356

Passport: series MO 770162, issued on 15.02.2000 by the Genicheskiy Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Kherson region

Phone: +380954202963, +79900017338

Education: Kherson National Technical University

Specialty: Economic Cybernetics

Occupation: the so-called “head of the occupation administration of Genichesk









In 2015, he ran for the pro-Russian political party Opposition Bloc in the Kherson Regional Council under the majoritarian system, but his attempt was unsuccessful.

In 2019, he ran in the extraordinary elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 9th convocation from the pro-Russian “OPZZ” party, where he again failed to get the desired results.

After failing to pass into the Opposition Bloc party, for a long time he advocated political and economic interests initiated by the civil organization Ukrainian Choice. He supported the civil organization’s policy regarding the advantage of integration with the Russian Federation over the European Union, promoted the earliest possible annexation of part of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, and was at the head of the organization’s territorial council.

The year 2020 pleased Andrei Aleksandrovich, and he received the long-awaited deputy mandate from “OPZZ” in the Genicheskiy district council.

After the occupation of part of the Kherson region by the Russian Federation, this character received an offer to increase his importance, to which he responded in the affirmative.

On March 17, 2022, Andrei Alexandrovich made a statement that due to the ongoing political events amidst Russia’s war with Ukraine, massive accusations, oppression and criminalization of all those who have any relationship or connection to Russia had begun. The decision to head the occupation administration was very difficult for Andrei Aleksandrovich (in his words), but he argued that the problems that emerged as a result of the political situation, where the city government abandoned its people to their fate requires a comprehensive approach to solving the urgent problem. He declared that he would take all possible and impossible measures to support society and prevent a humanitarian catastrophe, and as a result he turned to Crimea for help. Taking advantage of the situation of political turmoil and fear among the local population, he repeatedly stated that Ukrainian politicians should concentrate on the safety and difficulties of the population rather than on their own personal problems.

On May 1, 2022, at the initiative of Andrei Klochko, a “solemn event” was organized in the city, raising the flag of the Russian Federation, but this kind of “integration” and pro-Russian sentiment was not supported by local residents.

Andrey Aleksandrovich closely cooperates with the so-called “head of the Kherson military-civil administration” Saldo Vladimir Vasilyevich. Among the topical issues: the creation of a territorial election commission for the referendum, the establishment of a stable cell phone connection, as well as the reception of displaced people from the territories of military operations.

Also on 28.07.2022 the odious tandem said that special attention is paid to the restoration and prosperity of the tourist sector in Genichesk and Arbatska arrows, the restoration of the bridge across the Genicheskiy strait.