Collaborators from Kamianka Dneprovska continue to leak information about locations and checkpoints of the Russian Armed Forces.

🤑 They want a pardon?

📯 After it became clear that de-occupation of the territories Ukraine was inevitable, and the so-called referendum in the temporarily occupied territories was impossible, the couple in question decided to get away with it and help their Homeland .

📯 Being able to move freely through occupier checkpoints,
started sending out their coordinates en masse to create the appearance of being a patriot. Also, has repeatedly traveled to
The military was also repeatedly on a trip to Nikopol, where she personally showed the location of the Russian military on a map.

📯 But on her return to the occupied territory she completely forgot about patriotism, continuing with her husband to engage in looting and tyranny.

🚨 What the two-faced family was counting on Molodchenkovs – is not clear. But clearly something didn’t work out for them.

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