Full name: Konstantin Ivashchenko

Date of birth: 03.10.1963

Marital status: married

Place of birth: Donetsk region, Mariupol

Place of residence: Donetsk region, Mariupol, Pioneer Balabukha Street, 50A.

Higher education:

Saratov Higher Military Command and Engineering School, specialty: mechanical engineer

Mariupol State University, specialty: local self-government

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: VE116244, BB583087

Identification number: 2328614173

Driver’s license: ABN998406

Personal vehicles:

1). Gaz 31105, license plate number: AN1965IX;

2). Hyundai Santa Fe, license plate: AH4572KX;

3). Skoda Superb, license plate: 05BT4380

Mobile numbers: +380676213068, +380963086415, +380629530909, 0715270714

Occupation: t.n. Head of Administration of Mariupol


Labor Path:

1992 – Azovmash Machine Building Enterprise;

1994-1997– engineer, chief marketing specialist;

1997-1998– Bureau Chief;

2000-2009– Assistant to the President of Azov Open Joint Stock Company;

2012 – Deputy General Director for General Affairs and Public Relations of Azov Open Joint-Stock Company;

2015 – abettor t.n.

2020 – Head of the public organization “Association of wrestling in Mariupol;

2020 – General Director of PJSC “AZOVZAGALMASH“;


  • is the founder of Yurinvest Consulting LLC;
  • Deputy General Director for General Affairs and Public Relations of “AZOVZAGALMASH” Open Joint-Stock Company;
  • the head of “AM-URORT LLC.

The Political Way:

2010-2014– deputy of the Mariupol City Council from the Party of Regions;

2012-2018– Deputy of the Executive Committee of the Mariupol City Council;

2018 – head of the local political party “ours”;

2020 – deputy of the local political party “opzj”;


deputy of the Mariupol City Council from the political party “Oppozh”;

Head of the provisional occupation administration of Mariupol;

the head of the occupation administration in Mariupol.

He has always been a pro-Russian politician. During the large-scale aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, he supported the occupation troops.

He corrected the shelling of critical infrastructure by the Russian Armed Forces and acted as an informant regarding the location of equipment and personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

He is the owner of the Azovye boarding house, where sabotage and reconnaissance groups of illegal formations of the Russian Federation are located.

He took part in propaganda stories in the Russian media, where he was pleased with the arrival of the “liberators” in Mariupol.

While supporting Konstantin Vladimirovich’s candidacy for the position of chairman of the occupation administration of Mariupol, there was also a second vote to determine the status of the so-called The 2014 referendum on the territory of the Donetsk region was passed by a majority of votes, including Konstantin himself.

Konstantin Vladimirovich himself does not recognize the aggression of the rf, he is sure that the territories of Crimea,
and the“Dnr” must be partof the Russian Federation.

On 01.06.2022 in Mariupol Konstantin Vladimirovich met with the governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov, where a decision on twinning between the cities was signed. The St. Petersburg city administration will help Mariupol in restoring infrastructure and creating a prosperous atmosphere for local residents.

On August 20 it became known that Konstantin Vladimirovich was assassinated; Konstantin himself was not injured.