Full name: Konstantin Sergeyevich Kadushkin

Date of birth: 06.04.1983

Passport: 4105808459

INN: 470516098570

ID: 13802767664

Address: Shaykovka village, 16, sq. 38

Phone: +79616401805

Place of service: 52nd Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment, v/h 33310 (Kaluga Region, Shaikovka settlement).

Occupation: military pilot, terrorist, member of the 52nd Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment



Rebrova (Solovyova) Natalia – probably wife

Phone: +79516667100



Renault Megane (vin: VF1BZ0A0540905760)

The information about war criminals is taken from an investigation by the OSINT community:

Brief Biography

Russian military terrorist Konstantin Sergeyevich Kadushkin is a pilot, a member of the crews of Tu-22M3 bombers that destroy Ukrainian cities, born April 04, 1983.

Like other servicemen involved in terrorist acts in the Ukrainian cities of Kremenchug and Dnipro, Konstantin Kadushkin is serving in the 52nd Bombardment Aviation Regiment in military unit 33310, whose permanent deployment point is located in the village of Shaikovka.

War Crimes of Konstantin Kadushkin

The military aviator terrorist Kadushkin is one of 44 people involved in terrorist attacks on peaceful Ukrainian cities. Executing Putin’s “bloody orders,” Konstantin Sergeyevich found himself responsible for the implementation and execution of a massive missile attack by the Russian Federation on Ukraine on the holiday of January 14, 2023.

The military pilot, or rather the criminal Konstantin Kadushkin, was responsible for the terrorist attack on Dnieper, with more than 40 dead and more than 80 wounded civilians.

Kadushkin, a soldier of the 52nd Aviation Regiment, like his comrades-in-arms, is a real terrorist who deserves only prison and the harshest punishment. After all, everyone responsible for the rocket attack on the apartment building in Dnepr will be severely punished for his bloody orders!