Full name: Konstantin Valeryevich Ukhov

Date of birth: December 14, 1974

Place of birth: rf , Krasnoyarsk

Place of residence: Kherson region, Kakhovka city, Prospekt Stroiteley 2A, sq.11

Education: Zaporozhye State Medical University

DRFO code: 2737613579

Occupation: voluntarily defected to the occupant, acting as head of the “Bureau of Forensic Medicine” in the city of Kherson


Principal activities:

He worked as a pathologist at a district hospital and as a district medical examiner in Kakhovka.

about the involvement of local employees in collaboration with the occupation authorities, one of the reasons for such incitement is promotion and high salaries, as well as a guarantee of security for their own lives. Moreover, the occupation administration promised Konstantin Valeryevich that in case of a “goodwill gesture” of Russian troops in the occupied territories or forced tactical retreats, he would be guaranteed a “warm place” in Crimea.

Konstantin’s activities allow the occupation authorities to conceal the causes of death and traces of crimes committed by Russian troops against civilians in temporarily occupied territory. Also, there are “fake documents” for deceased Russian Federation military servicemen, so that the family and relatives of the “deceased hero” do not receive material compensation.

As a member of the executive committee and a forensic medical examiner at Kakhovskaya City Hospital, Konstantin Valerievich beat a female nurse in the hospital corridor in front of his colleagues.

The official reason for this action, according to Konstantin, was the medical worker’s disrespectful attitude towards Konstantin as a person and disrespectful attitude towards the forensic expert’s specialization. As a result of her injuries, the woman was diagnosed with multiple contusions.

However, the beating did not receive much publicity, as the incident was “closed” thanks to the participation of the Mayor of Kakhovka Vitaly Nemerets, who fortunately turned out to be more loyal to Ukraine than Konstantin.