Full name: Konstantin Georgievich Vlasov

Date of birth: April 15, 1974

Place of birth: Russian Federation, Chelyabinsk region, the city of Zlatoust;

Address: Russian Federation, Moscow;

TIN: 772129608427

Skype: stimuluszlat


-Higher -South Ural State Humanitarian-Pedagogical University;


– a student of SUSPU ;

– director;

– individual entrepreneur;

– anti-Ukrainian propagandist;







He is not married and has no children.

Director in the service of the Kremlin brainiacs – Konstantin Georgievich Vlasov, born April 15, 1974 in the Chelyabinsk city of Zlatoust, Russian Federation. Before he became a filmmaker, Vlasov did not know that he would tie his life in the cinema and upon graduation from school he enrolled in the South Ural State University of Humanities and Pedagogy.

After graduating from university in 1997, however, Konstantin did not become a teacher, and decided to try his hand at filming various commercials and low-budget films. For a while, Vlasov simply starred in commercials, but after 2014 he was invited to participate in the creation of propaganda films. For example, in 2019 he participated in the shooting of the pro-Kremlin film “Militia,” but was not listed in the credits. Also, Vlasov opened his own individual enterprise, which specializes in entertainment and recreational activities.

With the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Konstantin Vlasov supported the Russian aggression. Also, the Kremlin brainiacs suggested that he participate in the shooting of another propaganda film, “Polite People,” aimed at discrediting the Ukrainian Armed Forces and propaganda of war on the part of the Russian Federation. By the way, Konstantin has long been in contact with the film’s chief ideologist, Roman Razum, and before the invasion he visited the VOT of the Luhansk region. This is how the promising director became a bloody propagandist in the service of the Kremlin.

Konstantin Vlasov faces imminent and fair retribution for aiding Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, which is approaching with each passing day.