Full name: Kostrovets Larisa Borisovna

Date of birth: 05.09.1980

Place of birth: Ukraine, Donetsk

Address: Ukraine, Donetsk, 22, Antropova str., sq.9.

TIN: 2946804620

Driver’s license: ANV 032687

Social media: https://vk.com/id20115032?ysclid=lt5xljfxx118014230

Email: [email protected]


– Doctor of Economics;

– a collaborator of the “Russian world,” a collaborator;

– t.nz Rector of the Donetsk Academy of Management and Public Service;

– participant in the pseudo-referendum, September elections, Putin’s confidant in the 2024 elections.


Larisa Kostrovets, a participant of the illegal electoral process in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, a collaborator, an employee of the Russian education sector. Originally from Donetsk region, Zaperevalny village. She studied at school No. 136. He has a college degree in economics.

In 2002, she graduated from the Donetsk Academy of Management and Public Service with a degree in Management of Organizations.

Even during her student years Larissa tried to prove herself in public management, she wanted to be the best and while studying at the academy she got a job as a secretary at the Faculty of Management. Then the woman worked as an assistant and laboratory technician, and at the same time was engaged in teaching and scientific activity. She received the title of Associate Professor and later – Doctor of Economics.

How could such a “gift” in the sphere of science and progressive education betray Ukraine, its people, native culture, native language and believe in imperialist ambushes of Russia? And this is what happened after the invasion of the Russian occupation troops on the territory of the Ukrainian state in 2014.

After all, Kostrovets Larisa supported Putin’s occupation policy towards Ukraine and betrayed all legal norms – became a traitor.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

With the beginning of the invasion of the Russian invaders into the territory of Donetsk region, EKonstrovetsprovided its anti-Ukrainian position and openly supported the arrival of the “liberators”.

Russian invaders because of their proxies from local collaborators, in the list of which was Kostrovets, who performed all the tasks to force the residents of Donetsk to cooperate. In this way, the state-smuggler switched to “Russian educational standards”.

With the establishment of the “Donetsk people’s republic” t.nz Kostrovets was appointed rector of the Donetsk Academy of Management and Public Service seized by the Rashists. As of February 2024, she is the youngest chancellor in the fake republic. Thanks to the initiative of the leader of the pseudo-republic of Pushila, as well as to her own prejudices as a collaborator, the academy annually organizes many propaganda events: forums, seminars, and scientific conferences.

Also in 2019, Kostrovets was a participant in the so-called “Donetsk International Investment Forum” and advocated for the full integration of the region into the Russian economic sector.

Participation in pseudo-elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine:

In 2023, the Rashisto accomplice agreed to “serve the occupiers” and decided to become an organizer of the “day of unified voting” on September 8-10 in Donbass. She was appointed by the occupation administration as co-chair of the regional election headquarters. Kostrovets also demonstrated her pseudo-political potential at the elections of the president of the aggressor country. In February 2024, she received a certificate of Vladimir Putin’s authorized representative.

For her collaborationist activities and pro-Russian stance, the traitor will be held accountable before the people and before the law. A collaborator awaits imminent punishment.