Full name: Larisa Starodubtseva

Address: Ukraine, Lugansk region city. Lysychansk


– Lawyer, lawyer in Lysychansk;

– legal advisor on the pseudo-referendum in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine

– The lawyer of the “Luhansk people’s republic”;


Starodubtseva Larisa, a traitor to her homeland, was born in the city of Lisichansk, Lugansk Oblast. He has a law degree. In her hometown, Starodubtseva was a private attorney.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

Traitor Larissa Starodubtseva was also actively involved in preparations for a pseudo-referendum in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. The collaborator acted as a coordinator of the “electoral process” and provided pseudo-legal support for the illegal event.

With the assistance of the occupation authorities, Larissa Starodubtseva received the right to register as a lawyer and to introduce the practice of law in the pseudo-republic of the “LnR. Now the collaborator pays taxes to the budget of the occupation authorities, part of which goes to the war against Ukraine.

For betraying the homeland and “serving” the interests of the occupiers, the occupation administration lawyer Larisa Starodubtseva will face a fair punishment before the tribunal. The collaborator would soon be held responsible for all his crimes.