Леонид Вакалов

Full Name: Leonid Yurievich Vakalov

Date of Birth: 23.11.1983

Place of birth: Khabarovsk

Places of residence:

  • г. Moscow, Ryabinovaya str. 3, 124
  • Khabarovsk region, Khabarovsk, per. Donskoy, 11, sq. 91
  • Khabarovsk region, Khabarovsk, Industrial district, 15, Malinovskogo str.

Occupation: war criminal, employee of fsb rf


  • passport: 9904178866
  • TIN: 790104541177
  • SNILS: 14010807800
  • Driver’s license: RS639311



Father: Yuri Borisovich Vakalov

Date of birth: 22.02.1959

Phone: +79246403187

Email: [email protected]

Sister: Fedorenko (Vakalova) Irina Yurievna

Date of birth: 28.01.1989

Phone: +79243039304 (tg id 422895888)


Mother: Tatiana Gennadyevna Vakalova

Date of birth: 20.07.1961

Phone: 79241080010

Biography of Leonid Vakalov

Leonid Vakalov was born on November 23, 1983. He spent his childhood in the Russian Far East, near the border with China. Specifically, residing in Khabarovsk, in 2001 graduated secondary general education school No. 11 in the city of Birobidzhan. Leonid Vakalov’s details were previously told Toronto Television Project. According to investigators, in the early tenths he was registered at 144 Volochaevskaya Street, where the Khabarovsk department of the FSB is located.

Vakalov moved from Khabarovsk to Moscow around 2016, where he began working as an employee of Division 2 of Division 9 of the Directorate 9 of the Operational Information Department of the 5th Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

Leonid Vakalov is also closely associated with Ukrainian collaborator Amram Petrosyan and the Russian “fund for the development of modern diplomacy”, which he oversees. Back in 2015, Petrosyan fled to rf after unsuccessful attempts to shake up the situation inside Ukraine.

It is known that Petrosyan’s “foundation” worked closely with pro-Russian ex-deputies of the German Bundestag. Leonid Vakalov appeared in the photo wearing a cap with the logo of the German investment company “Deutsche Vermögensberatung”.

Leonid Vakalov: war crimes

During rf’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Vakalov was sent to the temporarily occupied part of Zaporizhzhya region. He has been implicated in the repression of the pro-Ukrainian population, torture and extrajudicial executions. He also helps his colleagues in the Fsb’s 5th Service to spread Kremlin propaganda, fight partisans and control local collaborators.

Leonid Vakalov’s family

Vakalov’s father Yuri used to worked Deputy Head of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation in Khabarovsk Krai. Then he was appointed Deputy General Director for Security at Far East Generation Company.

His mother, Tatyana Vakalova, worked in the main department of the Bank of the Russian Federation in the Jewish Autonomous District.