Full name: Lipandin Vladimir Vitalievich

Callsign: “Yakut”

Date of birth: February 17, 1971

Place of birth: Kiev

Address of registration: Kherson region, Kherson, Mayakovskogo street, 10.

DRFO code: 2598011553

Passport: Series TT 103777, issued on March 22, 12 by Obolonsky Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kiev

Phone: +380990855298

Last position held: Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Cherkasy region

Rank: Major General

Occupation: so-called “police chief” of the occupation authority in Kherson









Infamous for his forceful dispersal of Maidan protests in Cherkasy region. He personally gave illegal orders to detain people involved in the Euromaidan rally.

On 27.01.2014, he gave criminal orders to use violence against protesters using special means, which grossly violated the rights and interests of citizens. In particular, Lipandin is remembered for his ruthless attitude toward media workers and their further harassment. Among the victims were photojournalist Igor Yefimov and Ukrainian journalist Stanislav Kukharchuk, who were beaten by the Berkut special unit for covering the events of the Revolution of Dignity in Cherkassy.

He initiated the use of so-called “titushkas” to suppress protest movements by local activists.

He gave orders to open fire on the Maidan protesters.

On February 24, 2014, then-Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov conducted personnel reshuffles in the respective regions, appointed an official investigation into the abuse of his authority by officials, as a result of which Vladimir Lipandin was one of the first to be fired by the minister.

On 18.05.2022 he was appointed to the position of the so-called “head of the police” of the occupation authorities in the city of Kherson, where during a meeting with candidates for senior positions in the police, he announced that everyone must pass a polygraph test before being appointed to the appropriate position.

At the moment, he is the founder of the private security company Drakkar LLC, which does not exclude the possibility of involving employees of this company to suppress pro-Ukrainian rallies in the occupied city of Kherson. She is also the director of Biorhythm LLC, which is engaged in integrative medicine. Both enterprises are located and registered in the Crimea, Yevpatoria.