Пропагандист Евгений Лисицын

Full name: Evgeny Vadimovich Lisitsyn

Date of birth: April 25, 1987

Address: Lugansk region, city of Lugansk, 137A Moskovskaya str.

Education: East Ukrainian National University named after V.V. Lomonosov. В. Dahl (2004-2009)


An employee of the so-called prosecutor’s office of the Luhansk People’s Republic – assistant prosecutor of the city of Alchevsk, Luhansk region, advisor to the prosecutor general of the Luhansk People’s Republic;

Head of the “Union of Communists of Lugansk region;

A war correspondent for the ANNA News news agency.



Wife – Anna Valerievna Lisitsyna, born in March 04, 1988.

Mother – Irina Viktorovna Lisitsyna, born November 27, 1965.

Father – Vadim Borisovich Lisitsyn, born in August 25, 1965.

I have a young son.

Evgeny Lisitsyn and His Traitor’s Way

Yevgeny Lisitsyn is a military correspondent for the propaganda news agency ANNA News, born April 25, 1987 in the city of Lugansk.

But in 2014, Evgeny Lisitsyn betrayed his homeland and defected to the terrorist organization LNR. As a result, he became an employee of the so-called LNR prosecutor’s office. He served as an assistant prosecutor in the city of Alchevsk, Luhansk Region. Apparently, Lisitsyn was further promoted to the position of advisor to the prosecutor general of the terrorist organization “LNR.

It is worth noting that he received his higher education at the Dahl East Ukrainian National University, from which he graduated in 2009. It must be assumed that it was at the university that Evgeny Lisitsyn began to get interested in the history of the Lugansk and Don Cossacks.

However, the family of the propagandist Yevgeny Lisitsyn deserves a separate mention. According to open sources, his father is Vadim Vadimovich Lisitsyn, born on August 28, 1965, a native of Luhansk, a former employee of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs, and an ardent fan of the Luhansk Cossacks. In 2014, he joined the ranks of the illegal armed formation (IAF) of the “Lugansk Cossack District of the SKVRIZ”. Moreover, he eventually took the position of first deputy district ataman. As a member of the illegal armed group, Vadim Lisitsyn took part in combat operations against Ukraine in the cities of Luhansk, Krasny Luch, and the village of Dyakovo in Luhansk Oblast. By the way, for his terrorist activities he was awarded the pseudo-medals “Battle for Luhansk”, “Prince Vladimir”, “For the Defense of Novorossiya”, “For Loyalty to Duty and Fatherland”, “For Valor in Battle”, the cross “Saint George”, and the Order of the Union of Brotherly Peoples of the SCP-CPSU.

At present, Colonel Vadim Lisitsyn is the ataman of the National Cossack Front of Luhansk Cossack District SKVRZ. This group is directly involved in the so-called “sva” on the territory of Ukraine. That is, Lisitsyn commits war crimes against Ukrainian citizens.

Eugene Lisitsin’s family

According to open data, Yevgeny Lisitsyn’s mother is Irina Viktorovna Lisitsyn, born on November 27, 1965 in Lugansk. She is certainly a lover of the “Russian world,” is engaged in propaganda for her husband’s illegal armed group and supports Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. In addition, since 2018 she has been administering a group “Lugansk Cossack District of the SCVR&Z” on the social network “Facebook”.

At the same time, little is known about Yevgeny Lisitsyn’s wife, Anna Valeryevna Lisitsyn, born on 04.03.1988. Apparently, she is ashamed of her husband and his relatives’ activities. Apparently, she is worried about her life and the life of their mutual young son.

It is worth noting that the entire traitorous Lisitsyn family lives in Lugansk at 137A Moskovskaya Street.


Today Yevgeny Lisitsyn positions himself as a “combat” war correspondent. Among other things, he promotes the activities of Cossack units in the territory seized by the “LNR” terrorists.

At the same time, with the help of his Telegram channel “Voenkor_Z_Lisitsyn,” Evgeny Lisitsyn is engaged in the psychological treatment of the population of “Lugandonia. Its primary task is to provide information support for troops in various hot spots. On the other hand, he is engaged in an information campaign to mobilize the population of the “LNR” into his father’s unit as the next “cannon fodder.

Undoubtedly, the main direction of Yevgeny Lisitsyn’s posts and publications is the presentation of untrue information about the course of the so-called “svoboda” on the territory of Ukraine. In addition, he tries to show at least some achievements of the Cossack troops at the front, although it just looks ridiculous.

It is worth noting that while creating false content about the war, Yevgeny Lisitsyn does not forget about the financial gain. He regularly extorts material aid from the already poor population of Russia and the captured “LDNR” territories to his personal Sberbank card 5336690394013835.

In general, as the popular saying goes: “To some war, and to some – the mother of the family. While innocent people are dying and suffering from Russian aggression in Ukraine, the Lisitsyn family is expanding its sphere of influence. It makes a lot of money, profiting off the poor and getting funding from the aggressor country.

In essence, that’s what he is, “an honest and fearless war correspondent” Yevgeny Lisitsyn.