Full name: Lyubov Nikolayevna Zykova

Date of birth: 04.08.1874

Address: Ukraine, Energodar


– an employee of the occupation administration of the Kherson region;

– a businessman under the occupiers;

– A collaborator of the occupation authorities, a collaborator


Zykova Lyubov Nikolaevna – an accomplice of Russian invaders in Ukraine, who sold out to the“Russian world” was born in the city of Kamenka-Dneprovskaya Zaporizhzhya region. Graduated from the University of Agronomy. Then she moved to the city of Energodar, where she worked at one of the enterprises.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

With the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war under the occupiers, Zykova has already managed to distinguish herself with her pro-Russian views. After the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022, the woman showed her pro-Russian stance and supported the actions of the occupiers. She voluntarily defected to the enemy and started working for the local occupation administration as a secretary of the civil-military administration of Energodar.

In addition, the collaborator was engaged in Russian passportization of residents of temporarily occupied settlements of Zaporizhzhya region.

Joyfully reported on the opening of illegal administrative bodies of the Russian Federation on the territory of Zaporizhzhya region, issued and issued the necessary documents according to the Russian model.

In July 2023, Zykova, a collaborator of the Rashists, agreed to participate in the “day of unified voting” on September 10 in Energodar and put forward her candidacy for “deputy” from “united Russia“.

For treason and collaborationist activity, the traitor Zykova Lubov Nikolaevnv will answer on all merits. And the punishment will come very soon, as it will for all collaborators of Putin’s regime.