Full name: Guseva Lyudmila Yaroslavovna

Date of birth: April 15, 1977

Place of birth: Ukraine, Kherson.

INN: 2822917789

Passport: MR 027835

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Kherson, 16-A Vostochnaya street.

Phone: +380505548208

Occupation: Director of ZDO №35 in Kherson



Married, with children.

Collaborationist activities:

Traitor Lyudmila Yaroslavovna Guseva was born on April 15, 1977 in the city of Kherson.

Lyudmila stayed to conquer her hometown, and started with schools. She got an education and got a job as a teacher. Over time, Guseva realized for herself that she wanted something more. During the occupation of the city by the Russian invaders, Lyudmila Yaroslavovna found common ground with them. And began to cooperate with the occupation authorities. She was quietly stealing government property from the school. The invaders rewarded her with the position of director of ZDO #35 in Kherson. At the same school, she forced teachers to take part in pseudo-referendums.

In the de-occupation of the city, Guseva will be held accountable, both before her own staff and before the courts, for her actions.