Full name: Pastushenko Lyudmila Borisovna

Date of birth: 06.11.1973

Place of birth: Ukraine, Melitopol


– chief accountant of Teplo-Melitopol;

– contributed to the takeover of the enterprise;

– to re-register it according to Russian law;

– transferred the heating network’s accounts to a Russian bank;

– contributed to the nationalization of property.

Collaborationist activities:

Lyudmila Pastushenko, was born November 6, 1973 in the city of Melitopol, where she built a career.

Before the war, this profile strangely managed to keep its place as chief accountant under all the heads. The company’s names and managers changed, and only Lyudmila Pastushenko remained in her accounting position. She was on good terms with the management, as if she had respect in the team.

And after the invasion of the Russian invaders, it was as if the miraculous professional woman had been replaced. When Gauleiter G. Danilchenko appointed Konstantin Tyurin, a man with a semi-criminal trail, as head of the heating system, Lyudmila Borisovna immediately offered him her professional services.

At Tyurin’s request, the chief accountant organized a scheme to withdraw 1,000,000 UAH, having access to the electronic keys of Teplo-Melitopol LLC.

After the de-occupation of Melitopol, Lyudmila Pastushenko, who has probably already received a “wolf ticket” from Russia in the front ranks, will face criminal punishment not only for treason, but also for financial crimes. In Pastushenko’s case, economic sanctions are not enough, she could face a real prison term.