Full name: Lyudmila Pavlovna Rusanova

Date of birth: 11/13/1959

Marital status: single

Maiden name: Kanivets

Place of birth: Lugansk region, Troitsk district, Tarasovka village

Places of residence:

Lugansk region, Svatovskiy district, city of Svatovo

  • ul. 25 Proletarskaya St;
  • Ul. 71 Volodymyr Susyura St.


Lisichansk Pedagogical School;

Voroshilovgrad National Taras Shevchenko University

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: EC159234

Identification number: 2186609369

Mobile numbers: +380647131830, +380990440744, +380722240655

Email: [email protected]

Occupation: Head of the occupation administration in Svatovo


Labor and Political Path:

1979-1981– Senior Pioneer Leader of Svatovsk School № 8;

1981-1987– elementary school teacher;

1987 – Methodist of the Svatovskiy District Education Department, District Methodist Cabinet;

1991 – elementary school teacher in Svatov School #6;

1993 – Deputy Director for Educational Work in Svatovsk School #8;

1996 – Head of the District Methodist Cabinet of the Svatov Department of Education;

1998-2000– head of the district department of education;

2000-2006– Director of Svatovsk School No. 2;

2006 – Deputy Head of the Svatovsk District Council;

2007-2014– first deputy head of the district administration of Svatovo;

2010 – ran for election to the Svatovsk District Council from the “Party of Regions”;

2014 – Head of the Committee on Spirituality of Education, Health, Culture, Youth and Sports of the Svatovsk district administration;

2015 – she ran for the Svatove District Council on behalf of the Opposition Bloc party;

2020 – Head of the Svatove District Council of Luhansk Oblast;


  • Advisor to the acting head of the t. administration of the Svatovskiy district of the “LNR“;
  • Head of the occupation administration in Svatovo;
  • The head of the Svatov district council;
  • Member of the political party “opzj”;
  • Head of the Svatovskiy district council of the Lugansk region;
  • Counselor, on a voluntary basis served as the head of the administration of the Svatove district of the “LNR“;
  • Acting District Administration of Svatovo;
  • Acting head, first deputy head of the administration of the Svatovsk district “lnr;
  • The head of the Svatov occupation commandant’s office of the so-called “LNR;
  • An employee of the so-called “LNR” state authorities;
  • Head of the Svatovskiy district council of the Lugansk region from the political party “opzj”;
  • Acting Head of the Sviatovskiy District State Administration “lnr;
  • Head of the Svatovsk district administration of the Lugansk region.

Going over to the side of the occupant:

She voluntarily took the side of the occupant, but it is worth noting that she showed her anti-Ukrainian stance back in 2014. In the spring of 2014, she and her son obstructed the passage of Ukrainian Armed Forces equipment.

With the outbreak of large-scale war supported the rf, where she accepted an offer from the occupation troops to serve as advisor to the head of the administration of the Svatovsk district.

Widely known for her pro-Russian stance, which was reinforced to a greater extent by her membership in the political party “opzj”.

She organized meetings of local agribusinesses and organizations with representatives of the occupation authorities.

Moreover, it is engaged in integration processes on rapprochement with russia, and is also making adjustments in education and medicine for further cooperation with russia. In May 2022, she received her passport as a citizen of the so-called“LNR.