What is known about the collaborators and traitors who thanked Putin “for victory” in Mariupol

The Kremlin dictator recently visited temporarily occupied Mariupol. He was shown the dark streets of the ruined city, the Philharmonic Hall and Nevsky Residential Complex, the pride of Russian propagandists. There he spoke on camera with the locals, who thanked Putler for the “little paradise.

Residents of Mariupol, forced to flee Russian artillery and air raids from their hometown last spring, identified the people in the video. They turned out to be collaborators and looters. The evocation.info team tells us everything they learned about Putin’s trip to Mariupol, the Potemkin village of Nevsky Residential Complex and its “grateful” residents.

Destroyed Mariupol: what the dictator was shown

On the morning of March 19, the first reports that Putler was in Mariupol appeared in the social networks and on Russian mass media. Later there was a video of him driving the car with Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnulin “inspecting the reconstruction of the city.

Journalists managed to reconstruct the dictator’s route: from the airport to the memorial to the Liberators of Donbass. It is noteworthy that the trip takes place at night, so that the camera lens did not capture the neighborhoods destroyed by the Rashists. Second, the Kremlin screenwriters purposely avoided significant points. Like, for example, the building of the bombed-out Drama Theater, where civilians were hiding.


“Totally accidentally” Putin and his entourage stopped by on their way to Nevsky Residential Complex. This is the occupiers’ “calling card. In the middle of the ruins of a residential neighborhood, they built a new residential complex of the closed type. Architects and developers from St. Petersburg worked on the project. According to the legend of rospropaganda, apartments in this residential complex are given to “ordinary Mariupol residents whose homes were destroyed by the Ukronazis.

During the tour of the complex, the “happy residents” come running out into the street, thanking Putler and even showing him their new apartment. At first glance, it seems that all this is a production (this is the phrase the attentive audience heard in the video), and the people in the frame are actors. In fact, everything turned out to be much more prosaic. It’s true a bunch of residents of Mariupol who were waiting for the occupiers to come, marauding and surrendering Ukrainian activists. That’s why they got new housing.

“Can I at least say hello to you?”

The first video shows a man with a cigarette asking to shake hands with the Kremlin dwarf. He is sincerely glad to see Putler on camera, says that he “did not expect” and thanks him, though he does not specify what for, apparently, for the tens of thousands of dead and the destroyed city. His name is Alexei Anatolievich Khavyar.


He was born May 19, 1978 in Mariupol. Hawyar graduated from local school No. 44, and then served in the internal troops in 1996-1997 in the military unit 3030. Since 2003, he has been working as a fitter at the Ilyich Iron and Steel Works. Illicha. He lived with his family at 36a Koksovy Massif, then moved to 36a Gagarina Street. This area near the naval station has been hit hard by Russian shelling.

But Khaviar does not care that his house was destroyed by the occupants, because as a reward for his loyalty to the “new masters,” he apparently received an apartment in the new Nevsky Residential Complex. True, the “celebrity” who came after shaking hands with the Kremlin assassin did embarrass him. He closed and deleted his social media pages, but it is not difficult to find Havjar, as our investigation proves.

“Thanks for the win, it’s a little paradise.”

By far the most striking character in the video of the Kremlin dwarf is the woman who thanks him for “winning. She also wishes Putler happiness and health, says she prays for him, and claims that “we have a little piece of paradise here. Her name is Irina Volosatova.

She was born December 11, 1975 in Mariupol. Her father, Viktor Ivanovich, worked at the Mariupol Sea Commercial Port, and her mother, Elizaveta Ivanovna, taught at the local school No. 65. By the way, Irina Volosatova herself graduated from this school in 1993. Then in 1998, she received a “specialist” degree from the Priazovsky State Technical University.

Volosatova was a research engineer by profession, but was unable to build a career in metallurgy. From 2006 to 2014, she worked as an administrator for a charitable organization, the Hippocrates Greek Medical Foundation. Then, according to neighbors, she was unemployed and sitting on her parents’ necks, along with her illegitimate daughter.


Mariupol residents also recall that Volosatova always “drowned” for Russia and hated the Ukrainian government. At the time of the rf invasion, she lived at 188 Nakhimov Avenue, apartment 27. However, her house was bombed by the Rascists during the siege of Mariupol.

After that, Volosatova, together with her cohabitant and daughter, moved to her parents on 77 Mir (Lenin) Avenue, apartment 2. Her former neighbor said that the Volosatov family was actively looting. They also wouldn’t let tenants into their own apartments and threatened to kill them on behalf of the “DnR police. Apparently for this activity the occupiers “rewarded” her with an apartment in the Nevsky housing complex, for which she thanked Putin on camera.

After this video was published, Volosatova received letters and phone calls from her former neighbors. Now she complains that she is being threatened, and the occupation “police” simply advised her not to worry. Although Volosatova has enough reasons to worry. The people of Mariupol will definitely not forget her dancing on the bones in front of Putler through the lens of Kremlin propaganda.

Mariupol and the Marauder family

The whole family came to meet Putin in a “warm embrace. In the video published by the propagandists, we identified 38-year-old
Dmitry Lotkov
, his wife Ekaterina and his father Nikolai Grigorievich.

Nikolai Lotkov told Putin that he is also 70 years old and 15 days younger than the dictator. “But I was left without anything,” complained the Mariupol resident. But Lotkov decided to remain silent about the fact that it was Putin and his troops, who destroyed Mariupol, who left him with nothing. Apparently because he received from the dictator an apartment in a new building – actually built on human bones.

The video shows Putin inspecting the apartment donated by Lotkov, in which another family member, 70-year-old Nadezhda Viktorovna.


Before the Russian invasion, the Lotkov family lived in a Soviet apartment building on the northern outskirts of the city, 88 Mashinostroitelnaya Street. The whole family used to work at the Ilyich Iron and Steel Works in Mariupol, which was also destroyed by the occupiers.

“Why so much aggression?”

Dmitry Lotkov was born in Mariupol in 1984. According to information from social networks, in the early 2000s he graduated from the Mechanical Engineering and Welding Department of Priazov State Technical University. After that I got a job at the Ilyich Iron and Steel Works. Note that the black Chevrolet Lacetti (AH 3795 OV) that was caught on video during Putin’s visit belongs to Dmitry Lotkov.


Lotkov’s wife Yekaterina (maiden name Mundulova), 36, was also born in Mariupol. In 2009, she graduated in banking from the Priazovsky State Technical University.

As eyewitnesses note, during the bombing, Catherine and Dmitry Lotkov were engaged in looting. It is noteworthy that after the scandalous video with Putin, Ekaterina Lotkova shut down social media. In a comment to the media, she stated about the phone threats. “Where did so much aggression come from and how will it all end?” she wondered.


Another person involved in the scandalous video, who was identified, is a Mariupol resident Alexey Bondarenko. He was wearing a work jacket with the inscription “Ilyich Iron and Steel Works.

We established Alexey Bondarenko with the help of social media Dmitry Lotkov. On the page of the latter “Vkontakte” there is a photo of them together from a fishing trip. Alexei is 39 years old and was born in Mariupol.


On the page “Vkontakte” Bondarenko indicates that he works as a fitter. And in the “activities” section he writes: “slacker. At least as of 2006, Bondarenko worked at the Ilyich Iron and Steel Works.

It is noteworthy that the Mariupol resident is subscribed in social networks to the communities “Work St. Petersburg”, “Donbass in St. Petersburg. Displaced Persons, Refugees. Apparently, even before the full-scale invasion he went to Russia to work.

“We’re very happy that he came.”

Also, as we managed to establish, to meet the poutine near the entrance came out 79-year-old Vladimir Trotsenko. On the second day after the dictator’s visit, Trotsenko’s wife Lydia told propagandists that their house in the city center had been bombed. But for some reason she did not say that Russian troops did it.


In turn, Vladimir Trotsenko, in an interview with propagandists, expressed his joy over Putin’s visit. “We were very pleased that he came to us,” Trotsenko said.

We found out that Trotsenko was born in the Kharkov region. In Mariupol, he owns two plots of land and the aforementioned apartment at 62 Shevchenko Boulevard, which was destroyed by the occupants.

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