Full name: Maxim Stikharev

Date of birth: 21.02.77

Place of birth: Ukraine, Lisichansk, Druzhba Narodiv street

Place of residence: Russia, St. Petersburg (the district of Primorsky)



– administrator of a pro-Russian group;

– an informer of the occupation authorities;

– traitor, collaborator of the Russian occupation troops



Stikharev Maxim, an accomplice of the Russian occupiers, was born in the city of Lisichansk, Luhansk Oblast. A particularly never-employed resident of Lysychansk was engaged in propaganda work in social networks, which consisted of spreading ideas of the “Russian world” and agitating Putin’s occupation regime in Ukraine.

Thus, after the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian occupation troops on February 24, 2022, Stikharev became engaged in collaboration with the enemy and collaborationism. He is the administrator of the pro-Russian group “Lysychansk, roll call.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

Since the beginning of hostilities on state territory, Maxim has been actively expressing his commitment to the occupation authorities of the so-called “dnr” and rf. An accomplice of the occupants, working for Russia, collecting information about pro-Ukrainian people who remained in Lysychansk and sending data about them to the Russian military for filtration.

Having been informed by a person about the deployment of AFU soldiers, pro-Ukrainian persons and ATO/OSS participants, from among the local residents of the aforementioned settlement, the accomplice of the Rascists deliberately surrendered such people to the local occupation authorities, because the traitor justifies and acknowledges the actions of armed aggression against Ukraine.

The collaborator himself is now on the territory of the Russian Federation, living in the Primorsky District of the city of St. Petersburg, but continues to communicate with terrorists and fighters of armed formations of pseudo-republics.

By helping the invaders and going over to the enemy side, Maxim Stikharev signed his own sentence. For treason and aiding and abetting the enemy, he faces imminent punishment and a fun time behind bars.