Full name: Agurbash Mikhail Stanislavovich

Date of birth: 06.03.1979

Address: Ukraine, Yalta, Mangusha district, Donetsk region, Partizanskaya street, 97.

INN: 2891916512

Passport: VS572558

Телефон: +380982342344,+380952923814

Car: Kia Sorento 2013, Opel Vectra


-first deputy head of the Mangush village council of the Donetsk region;

-an accomplice of the Russian occupiers, a collaborator.

Agurbash Mikhail Stanislavovich was born March 6, 1979 in the urban village of Yalta, Mangusha district of Donetsk region.

The traitor began his career as a private entrepreneur. He was the owner of a wristwatch repair shop.

In 2018, Mikhail Stanislavovich took the post of deputy chairman of the Mangush united territorial community of Donetsk region.

While in office, Mikhail Agurbash was involved in a high-profile bribery scandal. The deputy chairman of the Mangusha TG in the Mariupol district demanded 40,000 hryvnia for a positive decision on the placement of containers for waste collection on a certain plot of land.

At that time the defendant was detained in accordance with Art. 208 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine. But the case was hushed up, and the deputy continued to develop his corruption schemes.

With the beginning of a full-scale invasion of the Russian occupation troops on the territory of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the first deputy of the Mangush village council of the Mariupol district Argubash M.S. turned to the side of the enemy and began to assist representatives of the occupation administration in carrying out subversive activities against Ukraine.

The collaborator also distributed humanitarian aid to the orcs and tried to introduce Russian rubles to the local population.

At the present time, the state traitor Argubash Mikhail Stanislavovich cooperates with representatives of the authorities of the “republic of the DPR,” is engaged in propaganda of the “Russian world” and recruiting among residents of the Mangush community to work in local self-government bodies.

The traitor Agurbash Mikhail will answer to the tribunal for his assistance and cooperation with the Russian occupation authorities. An accomplice of the occupiers and terrorists, as well as all other collaborators, will receive a harsh and fair punishment.