Full name: Chechina Nadezhda Stepanovna

Date of birth: 24.02.1957

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Bolshaya Aleksandrovka settlement

Contact: +380665167827




– former head of Velikoaleksandrovskoye repair and construction enterprise

– head of a communal institution under the occupation administration;

– An accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities, a collaborator


Chechina Nadezhda Stepanovna – a traitor to the Motherland and an accomplice of the enemy country was born in the village of Bolshaya Aleksandrovka, Berislavsky district, Kherson region. Before the war, Nadezhda Stepanovna headed one of the district’s utility companies and for a long time held a position that included consulting on issues in the field of city improvement and the placement and construction materials.

Also in 2015, Chechina ran for deputy of the Kherson regional council of the 7th convocation in the majority constituency from the political party “our land”, but was not elected.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

After the beginning of a full-scale invasion of the Russian invaders on the territory of Kherson region, Nadezhda Stepanovna voluntarily switched to cooperation with the occupants and began to work under the direction of the Rashists.After all, the state treasonist was one of the first in the city to flee “to bow to the liberators”.

Thus the woman worked and continued to work in the communal institution only under the “Russian world“. I got a job in Beryslav pseudo-administration in the capital construction department. In her pseudo-duty, Chechina coordinates various issues related to improvement and housing and communal administration according to the standards of the Russian Federation.

In addition to working in illegally established self-governing bodies represented by the occupation authorities in the territory of the district, the state trafficker is involved in the implementation of the “referendum“The collaborator “aimed” to become the gauleiter of the village of Bolshaya Aleksandrovka, but after the Russian invaders shelled the village she escaped and is trying to hide from all her crimes.

But wherever Nadezhda Chechina finds herself, she should remember that for betraying the state, violating the laws of Ukraine and collaborationist activities, the traitor will answer on all merits. And the punishment for the traitor will come very soon.