Full name: Ignatenko Nadezhda Borisovna

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Berislavsky district


– a former administrative officer;

– an employee of the passport office under the occupiers;

– an accomplice of“Putin’s regime.”


Ignatenko Nadezhda Borisovna, an accomplice of the Russian occupiers who rejoiced at the establishment of a“narrow peace” in Ukraine, was born in the village of Stepanoye, Berislavsky district, Kherson region. Before the war she lived in the Kherson region. She worked for a long period of time in local self-government bodies as a passport operator.

The woman turned out to be a pseudo-patriot who sold her honor to Putin’s regime by voluntarily defecting to the side of the aggressor country.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

After the full-scale invasion of the Russian invaders on the territory of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Lyudmila Ignatenko began to support the arrival of the “liberators” and actively showed her pro-Russian position.

The pseudo-patriot went for cooperation with the accomplices of “Putin’s regime” and now she establishes the activities of the social sphere in the temporarily occupied territories under the guidance of the Russian pseudo-authorities and performs organizational and administrative functions under the Russian legislation.

In fulfillment of the tasks of the representatives of the occupation authorities of the Russian Federation in Berislav district, the state treasonist Ignatenko worked at the apparatus of the occupation administration and contributed in every possible way to the introduction of standards and legislation of the aggressor state in the spheres of life, primarily to attract the local population to “passportization” and voting in a pseudo-referendum on joining Russia.

Но от закона изменнице не скрыться. За поддержку оккупационных войск, а также распространение пророссийских настроений пособнице “русского мира” Надежде Борисовне Игнатенко придётся отвечать перед законом. Способствуя террористической деятельности рф в Украине, коллаборантка жестоко предала свой народ и за это женщину справедливое наказание. Ведь таким семьям государственных изменников прощения не будет!