Full name: Kovaleva Natalia Mikhailovna

Date of birth: 11.09.1986

Place of birth: Ukraine, Lugansk

Address: Ukraine, Lugansk, Shcherbakov quarter 3, sq. 21.

INN: 3166516464


– works for the LNR police.


Collaborationist activities:

Kovaleva Natalia Mikhailovna was born September 11, 1986 in the city of Lugansk. Since childhood, Natalia decided for herself to become an arm of the law. And she went all the way from police sergeant to officer of the LNR headquarters.

With the arrival of the invaders, Natalia went to cooperate with them. And successfully betrayed Ukraine. Kovaleva is still an employee of the LNR headquarters, continuing to work against Ukrainians. She is an ardent fan of Novorossia.

For her actions, Mikhailovna will receive a punishment of several years in prison.