Full name: Nemchenko (Shevel) Natalia Alexandrovna

Date of birth: 02.06.1977

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Novotroitskoye settlement

Passport: MO 616011

Contacts: +380971515705

Email: [email protected]


– a former Treasury Department and IRS employee;

– t.nz of the head of the social affairs department under the occupation administration;

– participant of fake elections in Kherson region


The accomplice of the Rashists, who after 24.02.2022 decided to build a career under the occupants was born on June 02, 1977 in the settlement of urban type Novotroitskoye of Kherson region. Natalia Alexandrovna Nemchenko’s maiden name was Shevel.

Nemchenko worked for a long period of time in the structures of the city administration. She was an employee of the Treasury Department, State Tax Inspectorate. But when Russian invaders invaded the territory of the Kherson region, Natalia also expressed her desire to become part of the “Russian world“. Thus, she voluntarily went over to the side of the enemy, became an accomplice of“Putin’s regime” in Ukraine.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

In Novotroitskiy, a woman was appointed by the occupants to one of the leading positions under the “civil-military administration”.Voluntarily and on her own initiative, the collaborator Natalia Nemchenko agreed to cooperate and took the highest position, namely the head of the social affairs department under the Rashist VGA.

From the first days of the pseudo-organ “working”, she was already in the forefront and recruiting. Also handled organizational and management functions under “administration”, including. formed the apparatus of the occupying authority.

In addition, Natalia supervised the functioning of Rashist social packages under the leadership of the gauleiters of the Kherson region, and facilitated the acquisition of rf citizenship and passports by local residents.

Also the gozizmennitsa is a participant of many events, briefings and meetings of pseudo officials, which are held under the slogan of “Russian peace“.

In 2023, the woman also distinguished herself with her pro-Russian sentiments and most importantly, her actions. Nemchenko willingly agreed to become a participant of the “voting day” and acted as a candidate in the t.nz election of deputies of the council of deputies of Novotroitsk municipal district of the first convocation .

Then she was appointed to another pseudo-duty – head of the economy and trade department of Novotroitsk VGA.

For complicity with the enemy and crimes against the Ukrainian people, the traitor faces a harsh and inevitable punishment, which is getting closer every day. The belligerent is already waiting in the dock.