Full name: Pogribennik Natalia Aleksandrovna

Date of birth: 01.02.1966

Place of birth: Ukraine, Kherson.

Address: Ukraine, Kherson, village. Kuibyshevo, 11 Geologov street, sq.2

INN: 2413817580

Phone: +380507265757

Occupation : Occupation police officer.


Collaborationist activities:

Collaborator Pogribennik Natalia Aleksandrovna was born on February 1, 1966 in the city of Kherson. During her time as a police officer during the occupation of the city, she collaborated with the invaders. She began to help organize pseudo-referendums and lure civilians to participate. The motive for all this was money.

Natalia Alexandrovna still works for the occupation police in Kherson. And continues its illegal actions against Ukraine and its citizens. With complete de-occupation, Natalia will be one of the first to receive a ticket to a vacation for up to five years.